What is The Best Sports Betting System for 2018?

The best system for sports betting is a combination of the best value-finding strategies that have a proven track record and also a level of stability and reliability. This article looks at the best betting strategies of 2018 on Betaminic (an online football statistics analysis tool) and how they can be used in combined multi-strategy betting systems depending on a bettor’s focus: for high profits, for high yields or for low risk bank protection.


Betaminic is a website that has a free online tool called Betamin Builder for analysing soccer statistics and historical bookmaker odds. By analysing past data of over 100,000 matches, winning patterns can be found. For example, there are some leagues where backing over 2.5 goals in certain conditions leads to profit long term. Betaminic’s tool, the Betamin Builder, allows you to find those value patterns. There is also a way to have future picks from those profitable trends emailed to you so that you can bet on them. Basically, if you can find what betting system would have made profit in the past, it gives you a promising strategy to follow in the future. You can sign up for free here and see for yourself.

Betaminic has been available to the public since 2017 and has grown quickly. Currently, there are over 100 strategies available on the site. Some of them have been researched and created by Betaminic and their team, which are marked as “PRO”, some have been created and shared by ordinary users, which are marked as “SHARED”, and one of them has been researched by Betaminic and its future picks are offered free so that people can test out the system, which is marked as “FREE”. All the strategies have been created from researching Betaminic’s large database of odds and football statistics. After signing up for free, you can click on the “public strategies” section (A) and see all the strategies. The strategies can be viewed in two ways, the “All Results” view, which includes all the data used in the research period and the actual results since it was created; and secondly there is a “Since shared” view (B), which only includes the actual results since the strategy was created. The great advantage of the “Since shared” views is that we can see the strategies that are actually in profit and making money for real. We can then click on the online table to rank the data anyway we like. We can rank them by total profit (C), by yield, by average odds, by average number of bets per month, by biggest losing run (maximum drawdown), by win rate and even by the number of users who are following these winning systems. When choosing which strategies to follow, the “Since shared” view is highly recommended since you can see real proof of positive results and profitable performance.

The Best of 2018

With so much choice, and the profitable strategies having a variety of characteristics, it can be hard to know which ones to choose and how to start. To make things easier, we are going to rank the top 10 strategies in two categories: for highest profit and highest yield. We will also highlight some notable strategies that didn’t make the top 10 but are worth a mention and should be monitored for performance in 2019.  Finally, the top 10 with lowest drawdowns will be ranked (i.e. with the smallest losing runs, therefore being recommendable for conservative bettors who want to protect their bank). The Top 10 strategies by yield and profit will be ranked using the official “Since shared” view and the lowest drawdowns will be ranked using the “All results” view.

Note: these are the results until 6/2/2019. Current results may vary.

Top 10 Winners by Profit:

Profits No. 1: The Colossus 17 Dog Draw

The Colossus 17 Dog Draw strategy, from Tom Whitaker’s 2018 book Winning Sports Betting Strategies, is the best performing strategy in terms of profit. If you are focussed on profit, then this has been an excellent strategy to follow. It is nearly double the profit of the second ranked strategy. Looking at monthly results, it has had an amazing level of consistency and reliability with similar levels of profit each month and no two months of consecutive losses in a row. This strategy was actually researched in November 2017 but only put on the Betaminic website in August 2018. So its actual “since created” performance is even better with a stunning 166 points profit in 14 months and keeping a high yield of 12.94%. It is worth noting that the maximum drawdown in the 14 months since its creation has only been -26.06 which is much lower than its “All Results” drawdown of -44.53. Beginning with a 100 point bank and betting 2 points per bet (re-calculating stake levels based on the current betting balance every 10 bets) would be a good starting point with this strategy. With about 22 bets per week, this is a really manageable strategy for manual betting. It would only take a few minutes after each pick email to place the bets required. It has already made 611 bets since going live and they have proved its pedigree. This is a real standout power profits strategy.

Profits No. 2: The Colossus 19 No Favourite Unders Draw

The Colossus 19 No Favourite Unders Draw strategy is another from Tom Whitaker’s 2018 book Winning Sports Betting Strategies, and is the second best performing strategy in terms of profit, but it is worth noting the large drawdown of -64.07. This strategy has different settings to Colossus 17 Dog Draw, but there are sometimes overlaps in picks. If you did use both Colossus 17 and 19, you have to make the choice to bet twice on some games or not. Since they are both running as separate strategies, it is better to bet twice if they both have the same picks, otherwise your final results will not be the same as each strategy’s results. Colossus 19 No Favourite Unders Draw was also created in November 2017 and only put on the Betaminic site in August 2018, so the actual results are a better, but still not as good as Colossus 17 Dog Draw. Colossus 19 had 85 points profit and a yield of 10.01%. Its worst losing run was only -20.94 points, which was nowhere near its “Real Results” drawdown of -64. This strategy’s higher drawdown means it would be better to begin with a 100 point bank, betting 1 point per bet and re-calculating stakes after each 10 bets based on the betting balance at that time.


Profits No. 3: ALL LEAGUES Draw breaking trend

The ALL LEAGUES Draw breaking trend strategy is from Betaminic’s own team of researchers and also appeared in Tom Whitaker’s 2018 book Winning Sports Betting Strategies as Colossus 12 Bore Draw. It is the third best performing strategy in terms of profit. It is interesting that the top three profit strategies all bet on draws. The draw is often overlooked by most ordinary punters, few people watch a match and enjoy it while hoping for a draw. This leads to a low demand for the draw price and together with some pre-match price inflation from “lay the draw” traders who lay the available odds to get into the action, the price tends to edge upwards into the value zone. This is proved by the top 3. “ALL LEAGUES Draw breaking trend” shows more modest profits of 21.5 in its 13 months since January 2018, and has a yield of 5.14%.  It also has a lower “All Results” drawdown of only -35.64.


Profits No. 4-10:

Over 2.5 Total Share and UD_H are two very promising strategies shared by Betaminic users Dell73 and Sebisy. They have only been going a short time less than 3 months, but already have over 100 bets each and have pushed up to the top of the profits charts. They are not only worth just monitoring, but also following. Both have yields of 16% and are going strong. They may well be the future winners of 2019. Pro7 Bore Draw v2 by Tom Whitaker in his book Big Data Betting is an adaptation of Betaminic’s ALL LEAGUES Draw breaking trend but filters out some leagues and gets a higher yield of 14.50% and lower drawdown of -20.53, but with lower profits of 18.42. Pro8 Underestimated Underdog v2 is making good progress with 16.42 points profit and 13.24% yield but has higher average odds of 5.21 and a hit rate of 24% which may put some people off. However, in terms of profit, it is a good addition to a multi-strategy system. Over 2.5 against the trend, Pro5 Undefeated Home Dog and Colossus 10 Away Dog Draw fill the last 3 places with solid 12%, 13% and 10% yields.


Special Mentions and Promising New Strategies (High Profit Strategies)

Visitante H 0.0 and away wins both have few historical results to judge their progress by, but in their short time they have shown good profits and high yields of 62% and 45%. They are worth keeping an eye on to see if they continue their good performance. PantherSports Small Draws, Colossus 06 Scoring Away Overs, Betting on favorite team with low odds and Colossus 03 Free Scoring Favourites all show good yields between 6%~11%. DRAW BREAKING TREND / BIG VOLUME is an interesting one because while it has a low-ish yield of 4.43% it does have 289 bets behind its figures which gives us more confidence that it has found a true pattern of value in the bookmaker odds. It backs draws and I wonder if it will reach the top 10 by the end of 2019 if it keeps its edge. Sometimes having a true pattern of modest yield can be better than an unproven higher yielding strategy. This is another one worth keeping an eye on.


Top 10 Winners By Yield

Yields No.1: Colossus 01 Home Dog

The Colossus 01 Home Dog strategy is from Tom Whitaker’s 2018 book Winning Sports Betting Strategies, and is the best performing strategy in terms of yield. It does not produce many tips, only 2 per month on average, but they have had an amazing yield of 71.50%. This is in-line with its “All Results” yield of 79%.  Together with its low drawdown of -3 points, it has proved very popular and has 49 followers at the moment. This strategy was actually created in November 2017, but only put on the website in August 2018. So its actual results are actually even better with 27 tips showing a yield of 73.33% and 19.8 points. This strategy seems to have found a very rare but profitable vein in the bookmaker’s odds. This strategy is surely a must have addition to anyone’s multi-strategy system.

Yields No.2: Over 2.5 Total Share

This strategy was also ranked number 4 in the profit table. Despite only being shared in November 2018, it has gained high profits of 19.22 points with a high yield of 16.86% from 114 bets. With a low drawdown of -20 and average odds of 2.05 it has done very well since being shared in November 2018, less than 3 months ago.


Yields No.3: UD_H

This strategy was also ranked number 6 in the profit table. It has a yield of 16% after 105 bets and reasonable drawdown of -30. For the high yield seekers, this should not be overlooked.


Yields No.4~10

Colossus 12 Bore Draw (ALL LEAGUES Draw breaking trend) , Pro7 Bore Draw v2, Pro5 Undefeated Home Dog, Pro8 Underestimated Underdog v2, Colossus 17 Dog Draw and Over 2.5 against the trend all appear in the profit top 10 which really highlights the strength of these strategies which have good profits and good yields to match which means using your betting cash as efficiently as possible. Underdog home team by Andrewin shows 13% yield and 13 points profit from 102 bets.


Special Mentions and Promising New Public Shared Strategies (High Yield Strategies)

For high yields strategies with fewer picks than 100, it can be difficult to say whether it has found a true winning pattern or not unless you know the research method and hypothesis behind the strategy. Victoire visiteur, Visitante H 0.0, away wins, 10101, Thunderdog, Doble oportunidad visitante and Away team win odds over 3.00 all show promising starts and are worth keeping an eye on to see if they keep their yield levels as they hit the 25, 50 and 100 bet marks. Betting on favorite team with low odds has 99 picks which is good enough to show its 11% profit level is no fluke. Its low average odds of 1.49 and 11% edge give it a high win rate of 77% and make it easy on most betting banks. Colossus 02 Value Overs and Colossus 10 Away Dog Draw have both been running for nearly a year and have maintained yields over 10%.


Top 10 Winners (Profit and Yield) by Maximum Drawdown

This table takes all the winners from the Top 10 profitable strategies, the Top 10 yielding strategies, the special Mentions strategies and then ranks them by maximum drawdown (Max DD) from their “All Results” data to find the top 10 in terms of drawdown. For those who have larger banks and the primary concern is to protect the bank and grow it with minimum risk, then this ranking provides a good order of addition to a multi-strategy low risk portfolio.


Low Max DD No.1: Colossus 01 Home Dog

The No.1 from high yields also comes in top here to cement its place as a good member of any multi-strategy system with a very low DD of -3.


Low Max DD No. 2: Colossus 02 Value Overs

This strategy has a very low drawdown of just -7 and has kept a yield of 10%. It has a win rate of 46% which means it is unlikely you will get a long run of losers in a row.


Low Max DD No. 3: Colossus 03 Free Scoring Favourites

This is an especially good strategy because it has a low drawdown of -9 and also average odds of 1.31 together with and edge of 6% which mean a hit rate of about 82%. This means it is good for bank preservation.


Where do I start? How can we use this information? –  Multi-Strategy Systems

Some of the high profit strategies, such as the Colossus 17 Dog Draw, have enough picks and profit per month to be followed on its own, but the high yield strategies often do not have as many bets per month, so it is better to use them as a group of strategies together. In fact, by using several strategies together we can reduce dependence on one strategy and spread risk. In the long term all these top strategies have shown that they make profit, but none of them make profit every month. They all have losing months. However, if we put them together into a multi-strategy system, we can smooth out the monthly results and have less losing months. For this reason, even with the high profit strategies, it is wiser to use them as part of a multi-strategy system.

Betaminic has an aggregator function where we can put strategies together and see what the results are like. We can see how the yield, average odds, win rate, drawdown would change and how the monthly profits look. Next we have put the top strategies from the different categories into aggregated multi-strategy systems. You can see the results below. Decide what your priority is: profit, yield or low drawdowns. Then, you can use these grouped systems as they are or start adding strategies to your own multi-strategy system from the rankings above.


High Profit System

Here 9 of the top 10 high profit strategies have been put together. Pro7 Bore Draw v2 has been left out because picks will be too similar to the higher ranked ALL LEAGUES Draw breaking trend. We can see from the monthly profits chart that there are smoother profits each month with much fewer losing months. The results show a stunning 40 point points per month average. (A yield of 12.27% suggests 0.12 points average profit from 324 bets per month, which equals about 40.) Over a year that could mean nearly 480 points. With a drawdown of -62.42, if you start with a standard betting bank of 100 points; stake 1 point per bet and re-calculate the stake of 1 point based on the current betting balance every 10 bets. This will protect the bank in bad runs and take advantage of good runs. At an average of 40 points per month, you might even double your bank every 3 months on average.  This seems like a great strategy for profit building.


High Yield System

This high yield system is made up of 9 of the top 10 yielding strategies. We did not add Pro7 Bore Draw v2 since the picks are often similar to Colossus 12 Bore Draw which is higher ranked. This system shows the same profit as the previous system, 40 points average per month. (12.92% yield means an average of 0.13 points per bet. With 291 bets per month, the average is 40 points.) So you can get the same profit levels with fewer picks, 293 versus 324.  And also with less risk, a drawdown of -44.45 versus -62.42. Again the data suggests that the betting bank could be doubled in 3 months.


Low Drawdown System

This low drawdown system manages to keep a yield of 12.41% but gets the drawdown to -33.56 which is lower than the High Profit System (-64) or the High Yield System (-44). Its average odds of 2.46 and win rate of 52% mean it should not have so many losses in a row and not stretch the betting bank. The data suggests an average of 25 points per month. With this system it would be possible to bet 2 points per bet from a standard 100 point betting bank with re-calculations of the stake size every 10 bets.


In conclusion, Betaminic has many strategies that have been running since 2018 and have a profitable pedigree. By looking at the “Since shared” view on the strategies page, we can see the real winning betting strategies. From there we can choose those that match our betting style and spread risk in multi-strategy systems to have fewer losing months and better profits in the future.

Good luck in 2019. We have all the tools we need for success.


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March 3, 2019

I find the articles very interesting, but I have a question for you, I read that you consider the parameter “since shared” important, and I can not understand why, from the moment when the strategies analyze 7 years of events, why should change from the moment we share them?

Javier Paniagua

March 4, 2019

Hi Freddy,
How are you?

Thank you very much for your question. You are right in your approach if a strategy is created with many years of historical data, why are the results important since they are published if the strategies are based on historical statistical data?
I will try to explain why it is important. When a strategy is created, we look for a series of patterns or conditions that have had positive results during the study, and with the final objective that this profitability will continue to be maintained in the future. In other words, it is intended that the results obtained with these historical data continue in the long term. That is why it is very important to keep track of strategies since they are created or since they are published, to confirm that the strategy remains within the normal parameters of your study, but not only at the profit level, but also analysing the risk. It is important to set a stop-loss based on the Maximum Drawdown of the original strategy to protect our bank.

The follow-up results confirm if the strategy continues to have good results, or if, on the contrary, these patterns have ceased to have value. You have to give time to the strategies to work, it is normal that, if you start with a bad run, lose confidence in the system, doubts come in, etc. That is why it is vital to set a stop-loss as an alarming measure.
These results are also important since they are published because sometimes there are strategies that are over-optimized, that is, when creating a strategy, only positive results are searched without logic behind, and when you start betting on a strategy, the results are not the same as expected.

Anyway, we always recommend testing the strategy for a period of time before betting with real money. That is, make a simulation as if it were really betting, even simulating entering the bets in the bookies. In this way, all the issues that may arise are taken into account, before betting with real money.

Best regards,


March 4, 2019

Thanks Javier
you are very kind
I want to be more precise than the question I asked you earlier …
I agree with the fact that from the moment you publish a strategy you should continue to monitor it to see if it aligns with what we expected.
but I also have to ask: if I develop a strategy with thousands of data it should not be solid enough?
I think this because the graph shows how the yield after an initial period then stabilizes for years
maybe I’m wrong

Javier Paniagua

March 4, 2019

Hi Freddy,

You are right in your reasoning. A strategy with a large statistical sample and with good results, in principle, should be a solid strategy in the future. When we highlight the importance of the results since a strategy is published, it is simply to confirm that the strategy continues working. It is not that some results are worth more than others, it is the fact of monitoring the strategy to make sure that it’s running under the parameters studied, or even sometimes optimizing it with new factors that have not been taken into account when the original strategy was designed and that can help improve it.

Best regards,