New improvements in the Betamin Builder tool!

Enjoy the improvements added to Betamin Builder that will significantly improve your user experience, implemented after listening to the requests that you have made to us, through the survey we conducted, emails and through other communication channels. Your opinion is very important to keep improving and build a tool that is as useful as possible and help you achieve the main goal, such as improving your results in sports betting. We thank you for the number of suggestions we received, as well as many positive comments that you have sent us.

But we do not stop here, in the coming months we will incorporate new great improvements to the tool!

Here are the changes we have added:

Follow-up strategies results

One of the most requested improvements has been to follow in a simple way for the user the results of a strategy once it is created in the system. In this way, we can check the evolution of the strategies we create to see their profitability and follow all the data in detail once we have created and saved it. For all this, two tabs in each strategy are shown:

  • Historical Results. Here you will see the accumulated results of the strategy for the period that has been designed, for all years, or for a specific date or seasons if it has been narrowed with the corresponding filters. That is to say, in this tab, the data that you have seen so far will be displayed, and that corresponds to the accumulated data of the created strategy.
  • Follow-up Results. In this tab, the data will be shown from the date in which the strategy was created. In this way, you can make a simulation with the results of the evolution of the designed strategy. Once the strategy is saved, the date of creation of the same is fixed so that at all times you can check when it was created, and you can see the detail of all the data and check the profitability that it is generating from that date.

These results can be found in the listings of the sections “My Strategies” and “Public Strategies”.

You can also display them in the detail of each strategy.

Improvements in the aggregator

Another of the requests received has been to improve the functionality in the aggregator of strategies. In this first phase we have added two important improvements:

  1. The increase of the limit of strategies to add. Now you can add up to 30 strategies so you can check the results by combining several strategies and thus diversify the risk.

2. Faster performance. We have increased the speed in the process of adding the strategies. Now you can combine the strategies you want in a very fast way, making the process much more efficient for all of you.

Greater data detail in the Graphics

From this moment, the P&L Cumulative graph can be displayed with daily data instead of the current monthly, which will provide a much greater level of detail, and will help you to visualize more accurately the evolution of the result of each strategy.

Other improvements

We have increased the speed in most of the processes of execution of the tool, significantly reducing the response time for the different actions in Betamin Builder. These are some of the processes that you will find that load much faster:

  • You can view up to 200 strategies per page quickly.
  •  The details of the strategies are loaded in record time; you can see the data of each strategy, as well as the graphics almost instantaneously.

All the fields of the lists of the strategies can be sorted, and  thus you will be able to manage the data in the most efficient way possible.

The user’s strategies are updated once a day, but you have the option to easily update them instantly.

Public strategies will be updated every two hours. The change that we incorporate is that you can also see the historical and follow-up results directly through our website on the public strategies page.

And this is not all, this summer we will continue working on major changes that most of you have requested, and that will help you in an efficient manner and with the final goal that you can continue to improve in your results.

For us, your opinion is very important to keep improving. Any comments you have about these newly incorporated changes, as well as suggestions you have to improve the tool, please send us an email to [email protected].