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indrekhints asked 10 months ago

Hi! Does 25 picks deposit is enouth to get clear is that some system works or its to short?. I mean if i pay 29 eur to get 25 picks it does not show me is it worth or not. Like i understand you dond have any trial or free picks?

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Javier Paniagua Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi indrekhints,
Thanks for your question and for the interest in our service. If you want to try all the functionalities of the tool including receiving the picks of the strategies, you can follow the FREE strategy that you will find in the “Public Strategies” menu. With the free strategy, you can get an idea of ​​the service we offer to see if it suits your needs.
Evaluating the service with only 25 picks is not recommended, as the strategies are designed to follow them in the long term, and 25 picks is a very small sample, whether you get good results or not.
If you allow me, I will advise you to do a follow-up for a few weeks or as long as you consider necessary, the strategies in which you are interested, and do some tests on paper. Once you have confidence, you can start betting on real strategies, but thinking about a long-term investment, and fixing a stop loss to protect the capital.
If you need any help, please let me know.
Best regards,