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Robbbim asked 1 month ago

Hi. I am betting only on draws and there are several strategies I follow, but there are duplicate picks. Is it possible to eliminate those? Maybe like you do with void picks and refund them? Or if a duplicate pick appears it show’s in email, that it matches these strategies and are sent to me only once so I don’t waste my picks on duplicates.
Thank you for this awesome site! Already helping me a lot!

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Javier Paniagua Staff answered 1 month ago

Hi Robbbim,
I am glad that you find our website and tools useful, that is our main goal. Regarding your question, what we recommend to the users is that the strategies are followed independently. If there are picks that are duplicated in several strategies, the stake should be applied to each bet. That is, if you have two identical picks, we suggest to double the stake. The main reason is for the results to be as realistic as possible with the original strategies.

When you follow a strategy, the tool notifies you of the estimate of the percentage of duplicate picks it has regarding the strategies you are following today. In this way, you can decide if you want or follow that strategy. If the percentage of duplicate picks is high, I recommend that you do not follow that strategy, especially to better diversify the risk.
In any case, we are committed to analyzing in detail the possibility of giving the user the option of not receiving duplicate picks. We will keep you informed about it.
Kind regards!