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ThyBTrader asked 2 weeks ago

I would like to know if the payment if for each package, monthly or for ever? Regards, Thiago Brandão.

1 Answers
Javier Paniagua Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi ThyBTrader,
Thanks for your question. I will try to explain how the process works. The procedure is as follows: the available plans are for pick packages, there is no monthly or yearly subscription. If you buy a package of 100 picks, you will receive 100 picks of all the strategies you want. That is, you buy a certain number of picks, and you can use those picks for all the strategies you want to follow. The picks are the tips sent by the strategy based on the conditions set. Each time you receive a pick of the strategies, they will be deducted from the total of 100 picks you have in your account. When a strategy meets the established conditions, you will receive the picks. You will receive the picks by email, but you can also view all your picks pending in the “My Picks” section of the Betamin Builder tool.
The picks are usually sent approximately 48h before the start of the game, provided there are odds available, so you have enough time to place the bets. You can see at all times the number of picks you have left in your account through the counter that you will find at the top of the tool menu.
You can see the detailed process by clicking HERE.  
I recommend that you follow the public strategies with the best Rating since they are the ones with the best results and the best reliability in the future.
If you have more questions, please let me know.
Kind regards!