Seasons : Winter / Summer – Starting date of historical data – matches of relegation and matches of cup

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FAQs & SupportCategory: QuestionsSeasons : Winter / Summer – Starting date of historical data – matches of relegation and matches of cup
Barre asked 2 months ago


1/ When we select the seasons, can we distinguish the championships which play the summer and those which start the winter ? For you, is such a differentiation relevant in the context of the implementation of profitable strategies ?

2/ Apparently, in the system, the data about historical soccer results go back to 2012. Could you confirm me this point ? If yes, why didn’t you take it long before? I think this is due to the lack of historical data compared to the Pinnacle odds.

3/ For some championships, it can have some matches of relegation. Are they listed in the upcoming and historical matches ? Same question with matches of cup.

When we filter, for instance, on the filter “consecutive wins”, are these matches taken into account ?

Thanks a lot !


1 Answers
Javier Paniagua Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Barre,

  1. You can distinguish summer leagues from winter leagues using the season filter.Winter leagues: 2012/13. 2013/14.. and Summer leagues 2012, 2013 and so on.
  2. The data of the tool starts from 2012. We consider that using older data creates inconsistency when looking for filters or winning trends, since many factors have changed since then. We think that 8 years of history is enough.
  3. The data used for the strategies are only from regular leagues, and the different playoffs or relegations that teams from the same league play among themselves.