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Kestas asked 4 weeks ago


I want to ask about how deep Betaminic looks in the strategies. For axample, my strategy counts how many wins have a home team. Important moment is in a new season, when the teams played just 1 or 2 rounds. The league table shows almost 0 wins, or 1 win. How many (minimum) last games must be in Betaminic counts from the previous season?

Other question is, one team moves to another league. For example, the team wins a title from La liga 2 and moves to La liga. In the new season La liga 2 games (statistic) are ok for upcoming La liga strategies?

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Javier Paniagua Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Kestas,
The strategies take into account for the filters, the leagues within the same season. Different leagues are not mixed for calculations, if a team has been playing in one division and now in another league or division, only results within the same league are calculated.The minimum number of games depends on the time period you have selected, 3,.5 games and so on. For all season games, at least one match must have been played.
Kind regards!