New Public Strategies ALL LEAGUES included – 9000 Picks 11% Yield

Dear users,

In order to improve further the quality of the service, we have been preparing new public strategies, looking for patterns and trends that return us a profitable investment in the future. In this case, we wanted to create strategies including ALL the LEAGUES that we have in the tool, that is, with the 54 most liquid LEAGUES currently available in Pinnacle. These 4 strategies are thought to follow them aggregated (4 at a time) and as a long-term investment.  The four strategies have a different logic behind and we have worked in different markets, with this we have tried to diversify by reducing the total risk and showing great results.

Using the aggregator we have in the tool, let’s check the aggregate results of these four strategies. The results are positive for the last six seasons, and with a Max DD not too high for a large number of picks they have generated and the average odds obtained. We have a very solid sample, almost 9000 backtesting matches included in the strategy.

As you can see in the different graphs, these 4 strategies show a constant evolution of the result and just a few months with losses.

We always remind you that past performance does not guarantee future returns. In this case, the aggregate strategy, including all leagues, have patterns that are repeated in all the leagues which we think is a good sign to continue with the good results in the future.

We show you below the individual results of each of the four strategies.

1. ALL LEAGUES Draw breaking trend / TODAS las LIGAS Empate rompiendo racha

In this strategy, we look for a draw in those matches where both the home team and the away team didn’t draw in their last matches. Apart from these streaks, we have selected odds win for the home team where it is slightly favorite. Few goals are expected, with odds for Over 2.5 market relatively high, that is to say, for games with a greater probability of draw at 0-0 or 1-1.

2. ALL LEAGUES Home Team bad streak / TODAS las LIGAS Equipo Local mala racha

For the strategy, we look for value odds for the local team that is not favorite, and with low percentage of victories in the last 10 matches played. Strategy with a low % of bets won, but where the odds set we think they have value. It’s a strategy in which we will often go against the market, but in favor of statistics by the percentage of home team wins that year after year are repeated in all the leagues that are included, making a profit during these six seasons.

3. ALL LEAGUES Home Team Not scoring / TODAS las LIGAS Equipo Local SIN marcar

Here we focus on a very specific range of home team odds. These are matches where the home team is slightly underdog, that is, not favorite. But in this strategy, we look for a correspondence between the scoring goals of both teams and the final result of the game. We select those matches where the home team didn’t score in their previous match and the away team otherwise, scored in the last game. Another example similar to strategy 2. In this case, we will go against the market on many occasions again and try to look for value in the home team, in other words, games in which the away team is overvalued by their latest performances.

4. ALL LEAGUES Over 2.5 against trend / TODAS las LIGAS Más 2.5 contra tendencia

Here we select the games with odds practically even for the over 2.5 market, and where the home team is also favorite for the match. We have found a pattern that has worked well for all seasons, as is the fact that both teams come to finish under Under 2.5 goals in their last matches. Applying these filters, we have a strategy with a high sample of picks and with a high yield. Another case in which we will go against the market on many occasions.

These are the four individual strategies. From Betaminic we recommend following all the strategies together to reduce global risk, better address the possible bad streaks, and have a diversified portfolio with strategies with different logics and markets.

Would you like to receive the Picks of these strategies?

It’s very easy, you just have to follow some very simple steps:

  1. Register on our website, click here to go directly.
  2. Buy the package you want to receive the picks of the strategies. Click here to select a plan. 
  3. Access our Betamin Builder tool.
  4. Go to “Public Strategies” in the Main Menu.
  5. Activate the option to receive the Picks by clicking on the email icon, which you will find to the right of the strategy “All leagues xxxx”.
  6. You don’t have to do anything else. You will start receiving the picks in your email account as soon as the games fulfill the conditions of the strategy (check your SPAM folder).

If you have any doubts about the process, you can watch the video tutorial that we have prepared to follow the public strategies. Click here to access the tutorial.



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