Betamin Builder General

What is Betamin Builder?

Software to invest in profitable strategies. You can create your own strategies for free or follow the public strategies shared by our users and where you can check the results transparently. More info here.

What betting markets are available on Betamin Builder?

The betting markets currently available are:

  • Match Odds (1X2)
    • Home Win
    • Draw
    • Away Win
    • Favourite
    • Underdog
  • Over / Under 2.5 Goals
    • Over 2.5 goals
    • Under 2.5 goals
  • Double Chance
    • 1X
    • X2
    • 12
  • Draw No Bet
    • Home Win (DNB)
    • Away Win (DNB)

What is the Strategy Yield?

The Yield represents the profitability in percentage of each unit stake.
Yield %: Net Profit or Loss / Total Stake * 100%

How is the Result of each strategy calculated?

The Result is calculated as the Net Profit or Net Loss based on a unit stake using Pinnacle Sports closing odds.

What is the Maximum Drawdown?

It’s the maximum loss from a peak to trough. When you start designing a new strategy, one of the key factors of a risk assessment is the maximum drawdown of the system. If you develop a strategy making a profit overall, it’s vital to calculate its max drawdown. It will help you to estimate the risk you are willing to assume. You can read more here.

What is the “Rating” indicator shown in the strategies?

The Rating shown to the left of the public and private strategies is a fairly reliable objective assessment of the quality of the results of the strategies. It is calculated based on a series of parameters, such as the number of bets, Yield and average odds among others. The Rating is based on the data of the strategies since they are created or shared, that is, it takes into account the results they have obtained since their creation. The strategies with Rating “0” are strategies that do not have positive results since they were created or shared.

When a strategy is created, it will have Rating “0”, but this does not mean that the strategy is not good or reliable, it will only get a positive rating once it has generated picks since its creation, and with good results.

The objective that we pursue with this Rating is to make it easier for you to search for strategies that are showing greater solidity and reliability since the generated picks are sent. The higher the rating, the greater the consistency of the strategies, and the lower the probability that the results will be the result of a luck factor.

What is the stake applied to the strategies?

A flat stake of one unit is applied to the strategies. If you want to try a wide variety of stakes to maximize your profit, we recommend “The Staking Machine” software.

How many football leagues are available in Betamin Builder?

The 111 most important leagues are currently available to you, but we will be adding more leagues on a regular basis.

What are the “Back Streaks” and “Lay Streaks”?

“Back Streaks” indicates that something has happened, such as number of consecutive matches won,% lost matches, etc. “Lay Streaks” are those where the opposite occurs, for example number of consecutive matches without winning, without losing, etc.

Can I deactivate the tooltips displayed in betamin Builder?

Yes, you can disable tooltips from the Betamin Builder menu Settings -> Tooltip .


Betamin Builder Strategies

Some tips for building the best strategies

It is important that you pay attention to several filters. Not all leagues have the same patterns or trends so we offer you the opportunity to apply the filters that you consider appropriate to incorporate into your strategies. Likewise, we advise you to create strategies with a sample size as large as possible. It is also interesting to check with the filter of seasons that the strategy is stable over time and the pattern of the league is being repeated. For example, you can check if a strategy is profitable over time by checking the even and odd years in seasons if you get similar results it may be a good indicator that the league pattern is solid enough. It is also interesting to pay attention to “bad results” team within profitable or even unprofitable leagues. One or more teams may be responsible for making a strategy profitable or less profitable, you can check that applying filters that you consider appropriate by teams. Another interesting topic to consider is the odds range that you decide to include in each strategy.

We are sure that you have always had in mind ideas that due to the complexity of the manual calculation could not carry out. Past results will never guarantee future ones, but many patterns repeat themselves year after year … In the same way, we advise you to follow more than one strategy, choose a sample of 3, 4 or 5 strategies in your portfolio and you will have a sample more real and less affected by the variance. We invite you to check if all those paradigms that you have in mind are or not profitable and in what circumstances. We will continue improving the tool and we’ll do that with all the feedback we receive from all of you, we count on your help to grow Betamin Builder day by day.

Can I modify a strategy once it is saved?

No, it is not possible to modify a strategy, but you can duplicate it and change all the data you want from the original strategy.

How many strategies can I create at most?

You can create up to 25 strategies.

What requirements must a strategy meet in order to be shared?

Our objective is to create a community with the best strategies so that you and all the users can obtain long-term profits. To achieve this goal and guarantee a minimum quality of the shared strategies, they must meet minimum requirements. They are the following:

  1. The strategies to share must have a historical Yield greater than 5%.
  2. The Maximum Drawdown cannot exceed 25% of the PL of the strategy.
  3. The PL of the strategy must have at least 100 units positive.
  4. The strategy must have an average of monthly picks equal to or greater than 10.
  5. It cannot be identical to a strategy that has already been shared or to any of the available public strategies.

NOTE: The strategies filter of seasons will be validated without that filter to check if they meet the minimum requirements previously exposed. That is, the strategy will be duplicated by removing that filter to check the minimum requirements.
When sharing a strategy, the system will validate if it meets these requirements, and you will receive a confirmation email indicating if the strategy has been accepted or rejected in order to be shared.
We encourage you to share strategies and create a community that we all benefit from!

I can’t find a public strategy, has it been removed?

As a stop-loss policy, we will remove the public strategies whose Max Drawdown exceeds 50% of the original Max DD.
In any case, before deleting it, we will notify the users concerned a few days in advance so that you may wish to create this strategy from your Betamin Builder account and follow it.

It is our intention to offer users the best possible strategies and those that after an analysis show the best guarantees of remaining profitable in the future. We always recommend having a diversified portfolio of strategies to reduce risk. All the strategies show a Max DD, that is, the biggest run of accumulated losses. This value is very important to know if in the future the strategy is behaving within its normal ranges.

It is vital for any punter to handle the bad streaks because if not, it is normal for someone to quit after losses and not to collect the future profits of the strategy. But it is also crucial to set a stop loss on a strategy, once created, to protect the investor’s capital. That is why we are going to set that stop loss when the Max DD of the original strategy is exceeded by 50%. When this limit is exceeded, with the accumulated results of the strategy, it will be removed from public strategies, as a measure of protection to our users, regardless of whether that strategy from its follow-up remains positive, which may be the case.

To understand it better with an example, if a strategy has a Max DD of -30u. when it was created, and at some point, it reaches, -45u. (that is, 50% more than the original DD), that strategy will be removed from public strategies.

Can users see my private strategies?

No, users cannot see your private strategies. Only public strategies are accessible to all users.


Betamin Builder Picks

What is a pick?

A pick is a tip or forecast to bet on a certain game depending on the conditions that a strategy has. If the conditions are met, you will receive a pick to bet on a particular match.

How can I receive picks from the strategies?

To receive the picks of private strategies (those created by you) or public strategies (those shared by other users of our community), the process is very simple, these are the steps to follow:

  • Activate the option to receive the Picks, by clicking on the “Follow” button, which you will find to the right of the strategies you want to receive picks.

  • You don’t have to do anything else. You will start receiving the picks in your email account as soon as the games fulfill the conditions of the strategy (check your SPAM folder).
  • In addition to receiving the picks by email, you can view the open picks in  “My Picks” section of the main menu.

  • Each time you receive picks from the strategies, they will be deducted from the total picks you have in your account. In the upper right part of the main menu you will find a Counter where you can see the picks you have left in your account.

Are picks returned if the match is postponed or cancelled?

Yes, picks are returned to your account within 24 hours of the match date.

When do I receive the picks from the strategies?

Strategy picks are received approximately 48 hours before the start of the match, provided that the odds are available and the strategy conditions are met.

What happens if I receive the same pick from different strategies?

We recommend to the users is that the strategies are followed independently. If there are picks that are duplicated in several strategies, the stake should be applied to each bet. That is, if you have two identical picks, we suggest doubling the stake. The main reason is for the results to be as realistic as possible with the original strategies.

Why can I only view and export the last 150 picks generated by the strategy?

We have set this limit to avoid inappropriate uses of our database. But if you are a premium user, and you want to receive a file with all the historical picks of your strategies, please email us to [email protected], and we will send it to you.

Can I know the percentage of picks that are repeated in the strategies I am currently following?

Yes, if you are a premium user, when you are going to follow a public or private strategy, the tool will show you the percentage of duplicate picks with respect to the strategies you are currently following. This information will help you to know if the strategies you follow are very similar in terms of the conditions or picks generated by each of them. In any case, from Betaminic we recommend following all the picks of the strategies separately so that it is as realistic as possible based on the historical results obtained. Our advice is to increase the stake if the pick is repeated in several strategies. For example, assign a stake 1 to each pick, and in case a pick is repeated in 2 different strategies, double the stake for that pick.


Betamin Builder Odds

From which bookmaker are the odds you use at Betamin Builder?

The opening and closing odds are from Pinnacle Sports.

How do you get the odds of Double Chance and Draw No Bet?

Double Chance and Draw No Bet odds are calculated on the basis of the Match Odds (1X2) from Pinnacle Sports.

What happens if the minimum odds are never reached?

Our recommendation is not to bet below the minimum odds. If in your strategies, it occurs a few times, in the long term it will have little effect on your results. Another very different issue is that frequently the picks of your strategies are almost always below the minimum odds, in which case we recommend replacing the strategy with another one.


Betamin Builder Premium

What payment methods are available?

We accept payment methods including:

  • Debit/Credit Card (VISA / Mastercard)
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank Transfer. Please, email us to [email protected] and we will send you the details.

How do the picks packages work?

Regarding the premium packages, there is no monthly subscription model, but rather a payment per picks. The procedure is as follows: the available plans are for pick packages. If you buy a package of 100 picks, you will receive 100 picks of all the strategies you want. That is, you buy a certain number of picks, and you can use those picks for all the strategies you want to follow. Each time you receive a pick of the strategies, they will be deducted from the total of picks you have in your account. When a strategy meets the established conditions, you will receive the picks. You will receive the picks by email, but you can also view all your picks pending in the “My Picks” section of the Betamin Builder tool.

Can I create strategies without being a Premium user?

Yes, of course you can create a strategy. In the Betamin Builder tool you can create strategies privately, and also share them and make them public, all completely free of charge for the Home Win market, for the rest of the markets it is necessary to purchase a picks package. To do so, all you have to do is register on the website and access the tool.
What you will not be able to do if you are not a Premium user is to receive the picks generated by that strategy to be able to bet, you will only be able to see the picks that have been generated in the past.