Category: Betting Research

Deconstructing “the gambler’s fallacy”: discover how to create winning strategies in sports betting

Many bettors and self-proclaimed professionals take the gambler’s fallacy as an absolute and indisputable truth. I believe that it is wise to consider everything and to take each one’s own conclusions based on proven facts. Taking advantage of the existence of tools such as Betamin Builder, we now have the possibility to analyze specific historical…

Strategy: Bet on the Underdog at home 2.0

Would you like to receive the Picks of this strategy? Follow this quick and easy guide to create this strategy in the Betamin Builder tool. Strategy Detail Hi everyone, In the spirit of improving as well as making the procedure more user-friendly, we have developed a new enhanced version of the original strategy “Bet on the Underdog at home”. …

Proposals on the Betting System Over 2.5 goals: Bet against the trend

Hi everyone, First of all, we would like to express our gratitude for the excellent reception the strategy  “Betting System Over 2.5: Bet against the trend” has received from all of you. One of our most important objectives, when we decided to build this blog, was to meet punters and traders and of course exchange knowledge….

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