ShootingBets: Take advantage of odds movements triggered by expert bettors
Bet like a pro: Telegram alerts for valuable odds before they drop.

Our results speak for themselves
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What is ShootingBets?
ShootingBets monitors Pinnacle odds and sends alerts via Telegram when it detects a significant drop in odds, indicating opportunities to bet on traditional bookmakers, who are usually slower to react, before they adjust their odds.

ShootingBets: Find, bet and win at higher oddsHow does it work?

Receive real-time alerts.

Look for odds above the minimum odds.

Bet at your favourite bookmaker before the odds dropping.

Congratulations! You’ve just beaten the bookies and got a value bet.

Steps for RegistrationStep-by-step guide to registering with ShootingBets.

Register on if you have not already done so.

Join via Telegram at

Follow the instructions to register your email address.

Start receiving alerts and making profits.

Bet365 Odds IdentificationEvery alert you receive will come with a clear indication of the availability and value of the odds at Bet365.

Green tick

It indicates that the Bet365 odds for that event are currently above the ShootingBets recommended minimum odds. This pick is highly recommended to look for, as it is likely to find value at any bookmaker, not necessarily Bet365. We use Bet365 as a reference bookmaker, but it does not mean that it is the only recommended bookie.

Red Tick

It means that Bet365 odds for that specific event are currently below the recommended minimum odds. Although the likelihood of finding odds with value is lower, you may still find value at other bookmakers.

No Bet365 Odds Indication

In cases where odds cannot be found at Bet365 for a specific pick, we encourage you to look for odds at other bookmakers. The absence of odds at Bet365 does not mean that there are no value odds at other bookmakers. It is always advisable to explore different bookmakers to find the best opportunities.

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