New improvements in the Betamin Builder tool!

Enjoy the improvements added to Betamin Builder that will significantly improve your user experience, implemented after listening to the requests that you have made to us, through the survey we conducted, emails and through other communication channels. Your opinion is very important to keep improving and build a tool that is as useful as possible and…

The danger of data mining in sports betting strategies: How to avoid falling into the trap?

This article has been written by Daniel Muñoz, you can follow him on Twitter DANI84 @DMN1984ADS. From Betaminic we thank Dani for the excellent work done to prepare this article and to share with all of us his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of statistics applied to sports betting. In recent times betting strategies…

Deconstructing “the gambler’s fallacy”: discover how to create winning strategies in sports betting

Many bettors and self-proclaimed professionals take the gambler’s fallacy as an absolute and indisputable truth. I believe that it is wise to consider everything and to take each one’s own conclusions based on proven facts. Taking advantage of the existence of tools such as Betamin Builder, we now have the possibility to analyze specific historical…

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