Betting Analysis with ATP and WTA Tennis Tournament Statistics


You are viewing the FULL version of statistics with data from ATP and WTA tournaments.


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Explore patterns and trends and improve your betting with our detailed tennis statistics for ATP and WTA tournaments. Using odds from Pinnacle Sports since 2014, these tables give you in-depth analysis of the results of betting a unit on every tennis match, allowing you to improve your decisions, whether you’re betting on the favourite or the underdog. The results are grouped by round and tennis tournament so you can identify possible patterns quickly and easily. 

ATP Tennis Statistics – Results per Tournament and Round

WTA Tennis Statistics – Results per Tournament and Round

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Our tables are designed to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information, helping you to place more informed and effective tennis bets. Whether you prefer to back favourites or underdogs, our information is designed to improve your confidence and your betting results.