What requirements must a strategy meet in order to be shared?

FAQs & SupportWhat requirements must a strategy meet in order to be shared?
Javier Paniagua Staff asked 2 years ago
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Javier Paniagua Staff answered 2 years ago

Our objective is to create a community with the best strategies so that you and all the users can obtain long-term profits. To achieve this goal and guarantee a minimum quality of the shared strategies, they must meet minimum requirements. They are the following:

  1. The strategies to share must have a historical Yield greater than 5%.
  2. The Maximum Drawdown cannot exceed 25% of the PL of the strategy.
  3. The PL of the strategy must have at least 100 units positive.
  4. The strategy must have an average of monthly picks equal to or greater than 10.
  5. It cannot be identical to a strategy that has already been shared or to any of the available public strategies.

NOTE: The strategies filter of seasons will be validated without that filter to check if they meet the minimum requirements previously exposed. That is, the strategy will be duplicated by removing that filter to check the minimum requirements.
When sharing a strategy, the system will validate if it meets these requirements, and you will receive a confirmation email indicating if the strategy has been accepted or rejected in order to be shared.
We encourage you to share strategies and create a community that we all benefit from!