Analysis Premier League corners stats 2022/23

Do you want to know first hand the statistics of corners of the 20 teams that make up the Premier League for the 2022/23 season? In this article you will discover the average data of the corners for and against each team, separated into three different sections, all the games played, as well as the statistics of corner kicks of matches played at home and away.

We present a series of tables and graphs for each type of statistics. All the filters that you apply to the tables will be automatically reflected in the charts to better understand the data. We also inform you that the tables can be exported to a spreadsheet and graphics to an image, through their respective buttons.

Premier League – Average Corners All Games


Premier League – Average Corners Games played at home


Premier League – Average Corners Games played away


This type of statistics are very interesting if you are passionate about football or this type of data, but they are also very useful to bet on the corners of certain teams. If you want to analyze in detail this type of study focused on a more professional bettor profile, we recommend that you use our advanced free statistics tool where you can discover the short and long-term trends for this market of corners and for other betting markets. You can combine a multitude of markets with different types of time periods, very short term, with the 2 and last 4 games, or looking for longer runs, such as the last 8 games or the whole season.

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