Betting Glossary


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 1X2  Chalk  Edge
 Accumulator  Closing Line  Favourite
American Odds  Correct Score  Fixed Odds
 Ante-Post  Decimal Odds  Fold
 Arbitrage  Dividend  Fractional Odds
 Asian Handicap  Dog (US)  Half-Time Bet
 Back  Double Bet  Half Time / Full Time
 Banker  Double Chance  Handicap
 Bet  Draw No Bet  Juice
 Betting Exchange  Drift  
 Bettor (US)    
Lay Parlay (US) Teaser
Limit Picks Tips
Lines Pointspread Tipster
Live Betting Punter Treble
Martingale ROI Underdog Team
Moneyline Spread Value Bet
Multiple Bet Stake Vigorish
Odds Starting Price Yankee
Over / Under Goals Steam Yield 
  Straight Bet  

1X2. It refers to the practice of picking a home win (1), a draw (X) or away win (2).

Accumulator. It is a bet in which the player combines two or more events on the same coupon. A multiple bet.

American Odds. Type of odds, also known as Moneyline or US Odds. [Read more…]

Ante-Post. Bets placed in advance, predicting the outcome of a future event, such a bet can be the champion of the Premier League.

Arbitrage. When conditions allow, by placing one bet per each outcome with different betting companies, the bettor can make a profit regardless of the result.

Example of Football Match Odds

Away Win (2) Bookie C 21/10 3.10 +0.10 u

1 u. stake

Home Win (1) Bookie A 11/5 3.20 +0.20 u
Draw (X) Bookie B 21/10 3.10 +0.10 u

Asian Handicap. Asian Handicap is a popular way to bet on the outcome of football games where the options are reduced from three to two. Asian handicaps eliminate the draw result. [Read more…]

Back. Usually in exchanges, to bet or wager.

Banker. Highly expected to win. The strongest in a multiple selection in a parlay or accumulator.

Bet. To risk something on the outcome of an event.

Betting Exchange. It is where bets placed by individuals are matched against each other. Betting exchanges allow a person-to-person betting, so that anyone using a betting exchange can either back a selection, in the usual way, or lay a bet (person offers odds similar way to traditional bookmakers).

Bettor (US). Someone who places or has a bet. A “Punter” in the UK.

Bookie. Short for Bookmaker.

Bookmaker. Also called “bookie”. A company who is licensed to accept bets on the result of an event based on their odds given to the customer.

Chalk. Also known as “Favourite”.

Closing Line. The final list of point spreads offered before match time.

Correct Score. The correct score means betting on the exact score of a football match at the end of normal time. [Read more…]

Decimal Odds. Decimal odds are more common in Europe. They represent the return you will receive for every pound invested, including your stake. If the decimal odds are 3.50, your total return will be £3.50 for every pound staked. Net profit will be £2.50 (£3.50-£1). [Read more…].

Dividend. The agreed payout or return on any bet.

Dog (US). Short for Underdog.

Double Bet. A form of parlay or accumulator which involves two selections. Both must be successful for the bet to win.

Double Chance. A Double Chance bet allows you to cover two of the three possible outcomes in a football match with one be. [Read more…]

Draw No Bet. Draw No Bet is similar to Match odds betting, but you will get your stake back if the football match ends in a Draw. [Read more…]

Drift. Odds that lengthen are said to have drifted or be on the drift.

Edge. A person’s advantage when it comes to sports betting.

Favourite. It is the team with the lowest odds in an event.

Fixed Odds. Your dividend is fixed at the odds when you placed your bet.

Fold. It represents the number of selections in the accumulator. (e.g. 5-Fold = 5 selections).

Fractional Odds. Fractional odds are most often way of showing odds in the UK. As the name suggests, these odds are displayed as a fraction. [Read more…]

Half-Time Bet. A bet placed on the half-time result.

Half Time / Full Time. Bets are settled based on the result of the match at both half-time and full-time, i.e. at the end of 45 minutes and 90 minutes, including injury time. [Read more…]

Handicap. It is the lead given to one team

Juice. The commission the bookie earns.

Lay. Used in Betting Exchanges. A lay bet means the opposite of back bet. With a lay bet, you’re acting as a bookmaker yourself; betting against your selection to win.

Limit. The maximum amount a bookmaker will allow you to bet.

Lines. Same meaning as odds.

Live Betting. Live betting is an exciting form of betting that allows you to place bets on events that are ongoing at the same time when you are browsing on bookie’s websites. Odds prices are dynamic with live betting and change in accordance to the course of the actual event.

Martingale. A betting system based on doubling-up. Not recommended by us at all.

Moneyline. A wager selecting a team to win straight-up without a point spread involved.

Multiple Bet. It is a bet in which the player combines two or more events on the same coupon.

Odds. In sports betting, the odds are the ratio of payoff to stake. [Read more…]

Over / Under Goals. An Over / Under goals bet on whether the number of goals scored in a match will be higher or lower than a specified total. [Read more…]

Parlay (US). A bet in which multiple sporting events are selected, each of which must win in order for the parlay wager to pay off.

Picks. Recommended bets from an “expert”.

Pointspread. The predicted scoring differential between two opponents as quoted by a sports book.

Punter. Someone who places or has a bet. A “Bettor” in the US.

ROI. This is the Return on Investment. It is calculating by dividing the total numbers of bets into the total profit or loss to level 1 unit stakes.

ROI %: Total Profit or Loss /Total Number of Bets * 100 %

Spread. Short for “point spread”.

Stake. The amount a player bets on a match.

Starting Price. This is a wager made at the market price at the time the event begins, after which no more bets are permitted.

Steam. A rapid change in the betting line due to heavy wagering.

Straight Bet. A bet on just one team.

Surebet. Same meaning as “arbitrage betting”.

System. A method of betting, usually mathematically based, used by a punter to try for an advantage.

Teaser. Like a parlay, but the point spreads are adjusted more to favour to the bettor.

Tips. A tip, in betting is a bet suggested by a third party who is perceived to be more knowledgeable about that subject than the bookmaker who sets the initial price.

Tipster. A tipster is someone who regularly provides information (tips) on the likely outcomes of sporting events.

Treble. A bet consisting of three selections, all of which must win for the wager/bettor to be successful.

Underdog Team. It’s the outsider for which the odds are generally higher.

Value Bet. If you believe the chance of a bet winning is higher than its implied probability, then you believe the bet is good value.

Vigorish. The bookmaker’s commission on a losing bet, also known as “juice” or “vig” for short.

Yankee. A multiple bet consisting of 11 bets (six doubles, four trebles and one four-fold) on four selections in different events.

Yield. Yield is a measure of betting tips efficiency. It depends on a corresponding selection of bets and odds for certain matches.

Yield %: Net Profit or Loss /Total Stake * 100 %