ShootingBets from Betaminic: Make money by following expert bettors

We have created a new tool called “ShootingBets”. It is very different from our current Betamin Builder and Betlamp tools. ShootingBets selections have made +100 points profits in its first 5 weeks alone.

Try it for Free! What do you have to do?

  1. Be registered with Betaminic. (Free)
  2. Register for the tool.
  3. Use the free version with limited alerts or upgrade to the full premium version for unlimited alerts.

What do you need?

1 A telegram account. (Free to create)

What kind of tool is it?

It is a telegram bot that sends alerts when the odds of a Pinnacle selection drop significantly.

Users should then try to put a bet on at the old higher Pinnacle odds on soft bookmakers before they also lower their odds to match the new market level. The telegram message will include the minimum odds that users should not bet below. These are firm minimum odds. If the odds of your bookmaker are below these odds, it means that they have already adjusted their odds to the new market level.

Example Alert and Bookmaker odds

In the example above, the odds for the “CSM CSU Oradea” home win selection dropped. The minimum odds are 1.90.  On Bet365 we could get odds of 2.00. Minutes later the Bet365 odds also dropped to 1.83. By continually betting on odds above their true value, we can beat soft bookmakers over the long term. As you get used to placing bets moments before the odds drop, you begin to feel like you can see the future.

Alternative markets

Some alerts will also have alternative markets and alternative odds.

These are to help when your bookmaker does not have the exact same handicap selection.

In the above example, we can see the “BC Lulea -3.5” selection odds dropped on Pinnacle. The ShootingBets minimum odds are 1.88. The ShootingBets alert also offers alternative minimum odds for other related handicap markets. On this occasion, Bet365 did not offer the “BC Lulea -3.5” selection, but they did offer the “BC Lulea -4.5” selection. The ShootingBets alert included minimum odds of 1.99 for this “BC Lulea -4.5” selection. We were able to get odds of 2.00 on Bet365, and 2.02 on Betfair exchange (effective Betfair odds of 1.9996 with the 2% commission removed).

Minutes later the Bet365 odds dropped to 1.83, and then later dropped again to 1.74 in response to the Pinnacle odds drop. Once more Bet365 was slower than Pinnacle to react to the change in the market. So we got a 1.74 bet at odds of 2.03. On this market, the Betfair odds were even slower to change than the Bet365 odds, but also eventually dropped to 1.79 back odds and 1.97 lay odds. But the Betfair liquidity was very low.

Why is Pinnacle lowering their odds significant?

When Pinnacle lower their odds, it is usually a sign that expert “sharp” bettors (long term winners with a working betting system) have placed large bets on those Pinnacle odds because the sharp bettors believe those odds are mispriced and too high (value odds). Pinnacle tends to be more sensitive to price pressure since their business model is a high-volume low-margin model, and they have to move quickly when bets from expert bettors suggest their odds might have been too high.

When odds drop on Pinnacle, we have a short window of opportunity to beat the bookie.

Why are Sharp bettors on Pinnacle?

Soft bookies ban or limit winners. They don’t want winning customers. This means bettors with their own working market model or winning betting system will eventually be limited or banned by most soft bookies. This forces sharp bettors to use “Asian bookmakers”. Asian bookmakers refer to high volume, low margin bookmakers such as Pinnacle, SBO, IFB, AFB, etc. These Asian bookmakers generally have low margins close to 2%. Soft bookies generally have margins closer to 5-10%. Asian bookmakers usually get their market odds right, but sometimes they are wrong and sharp bettors will jump on those odds with big stakes. This is a signal to Asian bookmakers like Pinnacle that their odds are wrong and they move quickly to lower their odds. Soft bookies often react to changes in Asian bookmaker odds and follow their lead in reducing their odds. But there are many markets to manage and there is sometimes a delay of 2-10 minutes, a window of opportunity, where you can catch the soft bookie odds at the higher price before they get corrected to a lower price.

Are these bets all going to win?

No, these bets are value bets. That means that we have no opinion on whether or not this selection will win. We just have the opinion that the implied probability of the odds offered don’t match the actual probability of the selection winning. In value betting, we believe that if we always bet on prices with implied probabilities lower than the actual probability, we can win long term. In other words, if are always betting on a 50-50 coin toss at odds of 2.20 instead of 2.00, then in the long run we will make profit because 50% of those bets will win long term. And in this case, we believe expert bettors have bet heavily enough on this selection at this price to suggest they think it is value and we want to follow their betting selections.

Does this system work?

This system absolutely does work. You can see our results in detail here on our results page.

Results Table

Total Profit Chart


This method is well known in the value betting world as a working system that disciplined bettors have made profit with. You may have seen videos or read articles about people claiming to be banned or limited by Bet365 or other soft bookies. This is one of the systems that those people are using. We will be writing advice articles on how to make the most of this system, and also how to avoid getting limited by soft bookies for as long as possible, but it is very possible that eventually your account may get limited. (But usually only after you have won enough money from that bookie to mark you out as a bad customer.) That is a true sign of being a winner and many bettors wear as a badge of honour. People tend to use one or a few soft bookmakers until they get limited, and then move on to another soft bookmaker to continue. Each time they try to take advantage of those soft bookmaker sign-up bonuses, special offers and so on.

How much does service cost?

See our Pricing Page for the current cost.

How do I register in Telegram?

  1. Login to Telegram. (Create a free Telegram account if you don’t have one.)
  2. Go to our Telegram bot link The bot will ask you to enter your email address.
  3. After you enter your email address, we will send a code to your email address.
  4. Enter the code in the telegram channel. You will start receiving the selections.

How much time does this system need?

It is up to you how much time you want to use for this betting method. Alerts come at various times of day so there are various ways to use the system.

We have been using it in three ways so far:

1 Smartphone Time: You get telegram alerts to your Telegram smartphone app, quickly searches your soft bookmaker for the event, then place a bet if the odds are over the minimum odds.

2 Desktop Time: Telegram can also be run as a desktop app for the PC. You could choose to make an effort when you are sat at your PC doing other things. When an alert comes in, you copy and paste the name of one of the teams in the event and search for the event in your bookmaker search bar. Then make a bet if the odds are over the minimum odds.

3 Fixed Time: You pick a set time, for example a 2-hour period on a Saturday afternoon, where you will be ready on your smartphone or desktop PC to receive the telegram alert, search your bookmaker and place the bet if the odds are over the minimum odds.

Advice when finding the odds:

  1. We recommend using the search bar of your chosen bookmakers to find the selection quickly. For sites such as Bet365 that have so many markets, it can sometimes take longer to go through the menus to get to the sport, event, selection that you need.
  2. We don’t recommend odds comparison sites. These sites are usually slower than going direct to your bookmaker sites which take more time to update their odds. It is better to go straight to the source.
  3. We recommend having the page for your bookmakers open on your phone or desktop so that you can use their search bar straight away. Some odds take more than five minutes to change, but other odds may change in under a minute. In this sense we are shooting bets like a clay pigeon shoot or duck hunt (remember the Nintendo game?). You have to be quick before the odds fly off the screen!

  1. Note about the minimum recommended odds for Betamin Builder veterans: While the Betamin Builder minimum recommended odds are a reference point where it is up to the users to choose to follow or ignore them, the ShootingBets minimum odds are strong, absolute minimum odds and users should not place bets on odds below that minimum.

When do the alerts come?

The alerts come at all times of day. It really depends on when the expert bettors place bets that make Pinnacle change their odds. We have seen as many as 15-20 alerts per hour at busy times and as few as 1 per hour at slow times, and there could be 100 or more alerts in a day. There are many alerts throughout the week and it is not necessary to bet on all of them, but just to bet on those selections when you are ready and available to make those bets. There is no need to try and bet on all of them. You only need to try and place bets when you decide to be active.

We really hope that you will give this tool a try for yourself!

Try it for Free! What do you have to do?

  1. Be registered with Betaminic. (Free)
  2. Register for the tool.
  3. Use the free version with limited alerts or upgrade to the full premium version for unlimited alerts.