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Now you can follow some of our strategies for free! In order to continue improving the quality of our service and so that you can enjoy all the functionalities of our tool, Betamin Builder, we make available to all of you free strategies. You can receive the picks of these strategies in your email without any cost.

From now on all public strategies can be identified in a very simple way by means of the corresponding free or premium symbol that you will find next to the name of the strategies in the public strategies section of Betamin Builder.

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  • 1 Month Subscription..Price 15 euro.. Activate via and remain BVMember for 2 Months
  • 3 Months Subscription.. Price 40 euro.. Activate via and remain BVMember for 6 Months
  • 6 Months Subscription.. Price 80 euro.. Activate via and remain BVMember for 12 Months
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