Detailed Statistics: Percentage of Over/Under Points in Basketball Games


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Welcome to our dedicated basketball stats page, where we offer you an interactive tool to analyse the profitability of betting on basketball teams since the 2010/2011 season. Here you can select the league, such as the NBA, the season and the games played at home, away or overall (home+away) to get a detailed breakdown of the statistics based on the points scored by each team.


This first table shows the percentage of games that have ended in Over/Under points scored in each game.

Basketball Statistics – Over/Under Points Percentage


This other table indicates the percentage of games that have ended in a series of points difference per team. For example, +5p, shows the % of games that have ended in a win by 5 or more points for a given team. The value -5p indicates the opposite, the % of games that have ended in defeat by 5 or more points.

Basketball Statistics – Percentage Point Differential


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