Yellow Card Stats Bundesliga 2023/24


Yellow cards are an important part of football and can be a decisive factor in the outcome of a match. If a team has a history of receiving many yellow cards, it is likely to be more aggressive on the pitch and more willing to commit fouls to stop the opposing team’s play.

Therefore, it is essential that you as a bettor have access to the yellow card statistics of the teams before placing your bets. In this section, you will find detailed yellow card statistics for Bundesliga Germany in the current season 2023/2024, which will give you an edge over other bettors and allow you to find value bets.

You will see three statistical tables and graphs showing average data and yellow card lines for all football matches played, as well as data for home and away matches.

  • The first table shows the yellow card averages and lines for all games played in the current Bundesliga season.
  • The second table shows the same data for home matches.
  • Finally, the third table shows the data for away matches.

These tables and graphs will provide you with valuable information to help you create valuable Bundesliga strategies. The data is reviewed daily to ensure the highest possible quality.

In addition to this league’s data, we also offer yellow card data for 111 football leagues around the world. This data can be especially useful for bettors looking to gain an edge on yellow card betting in lesser known leagues. By carefully analysing the data and comparing it with bookmaker odds, bettors can make decisions based on relevant information and increase their chances of success.



Bundesliga – Yellow Card Data All Games



Bundesliga – Yellow Card Data Games played at home


Bundesliga – Yellow Card Data Games played away



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In summary, yellow cards are an important statistic to consider when placing bets on the Bundesliga. The tables and graphs presented here can help bettors identify which teams are most likely to receive yellow cards and place bets with better judgement. At Betaminic, we offer a wide range of statistics and tools to help you make the most of this data and improve your chances of yellow card betting success.