Dear Friends,

For more than a year now many of you have followed our work and our strategies and first of all, we want to thank all those who have trusted us. The approach was very successful from the first weeks so we began to work on making a qualitative leap in our offer. During the last months, we have been working intensely on the new tool that we want to present to you today.

Those who have been following us will have verified how we have looked for the value in patterns and trends that generate winning strategies and that all had a base that we have exposed in our web. I hope you have been able to appreciate that it is not easy and that obviously if everything was based or limited to follow a good or a bad streak, in that case, we would all be millionaires and we are not.

The fact that a team won their last 10 games at home does not guarantee that it will win the eleventh or that a team has 5 games scoring more than 2.5 goals will not guarantee us that in the sixth it will also score 3 or more goals. However, in the long run and year after year, there are “hidden” patterns that are not always easy to identify quickly, visually or “by hand” … and even more complicated is to quantify if they are profitable according to the odds that the bookmakers offer. For that purpose we have created Betamin Builder, to make Betaminic an unlimited universe and within reach of all of you.

How many times have you wondered if it is profitable to bet on some market in a league or for or against some teams when certain premises are fulfilled (odds, a period of time, streaks, etc.)?

How many times have you wondered if something that is profitable this year has been in recent years too?

That is if the pattern is repeated or is something accidental but for lack of resources or time, you can not perform the calculation.

Sure you are aware of some leagues or teams and each week you consult the stats of the last matches, results, goals for and against, streaks of each other, h2h, etc, right?

Can you imagine that you could do that in minutes and then you receive by email an alert with the all the games that fulfill the conditions without checking hundreds of games manually?

How much would you invest in having the odds of the main leagues and markets to make your own strategies?. And what do you think if we tell you can use a tool for that totally free?

And what do you think if you can analyze a strategy in the last 5 years in a very convenient way and can see the chart for profit, yield, units won, positive months and worst drawdown?

We try not to guess anything, we try to anticipate, the patterns are a reality that is repeated year after year in all leagues and in almost all markets, a few years more markedly than others, differently and obviously with differences by teams, but all this we will be able to manage.

We know that past results do not guarantee future benefits and that the events are independent, we are not falling into the gambler’s fallacy.

But you can see that there are strategies that are profitable year by year, it is difficult to obtain the same results, the leagues change, but they don’t do it abruptly. But we can realize these changes if we go into detail, even analyze if it is something general in a league or caused by some or some teams that are being “polluting” elements that are changing the average of them.


With Betamin Builder you will have access to the complete data of the last 6 years, nevertheless, we invite you to pay special attention in the last 3, the leagues and the environment are increasingly changing. We are already investing in some strategies for months that soon we will share with you.

Betamin Builder will help you to compare this reality, identifying patterns that repeat themselves year after year and, more importantly, inform you if the strategies you create have been profitable over time, giving us information for months and the accumulated yield trend.

The bookies and the market set the odds based on many parameters that do not in many cases match a strategy created and can “hide” a great value.

We hope that Betamin Builder is the beginning of a new stage and that this new tool will help you generate income in your sports betting.

Sounds good, does not it?

You can start now!!! 

We will be at your side so that you can give us your comments in areas and developments of improvement, as well as to join us in creating new strategies that we will share and analyze for you as we did in our beginnings.

Please receive our warm greetings and we will, of course, remain at your disposal if you have any further queries. 😉

The Betaminic Team

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