111 leagues of historical football statistics and bookmaker odds data to find the best betting strategies

From the Indian I-League to the Saudi Arabian Premier League to the Korean 2nd Division; from South Africa to Kazakhstan to Costa Rica; Betaminic now has the world of football truly covered.

Betaminic offers the biggest sports betting data set freely available on the internet in the most user friendly online tool. This month we have increased the amount of league data available from 54 to 111 leagues. That is more than double the data set previously used. More data means more opportunities.  It has never been easier than this to analyse and find profitable betting patterns in historical bookmaker odds applied to football statistics going back over 10 years in over 100 leagues worldwide. No downloads, it is all available online.


More leagues mean you can:

  • Apply existing successful strategy settings to even more leagues.
  • Test strategy ideas on a larger data set and have more confidence in the results.
  • Reach targets faster with a higher bet volume.
  • Get a betting advantage for profit on minor leagues.
  • Spread risk more effectively.
  • Increase your edge for leagues you know well.
  • More global betting opportunities from a wider range of time zones.
  • More year round betting with more summer leagues.


The new league data is available in all 3 main services offered by Betaminic:


Betamin Builder – betting strategies applied to historical bookmaker odds.


Betlamp – upcoming match finder based on customizable statistic filters.



Statistics Section – interactive tables and graphs of sortable statistics.


Full List of 111 Leagues



Apply existing successful strategy settings to even more leagues

On the Betamin Builder’s Public Strategies page there are many betting systems that have remained profitable since they were shared. The settings of those leading strategies can now be applied to even more leagues. You can copy the settings and research new versions of those strategies with the freshest data and the expanded league set. Updated and expanded versions of existing strategies will start to appear and be shared soon on the public strategies pages. For your own private strategies, too, you can expand the league sets being used and get even more opportunity to benefit from your system. Please share updated versions if you can.

The Betlamp alerts will now search even more leagues when looking for fixtures that match your match filters. This saves you even more time that can be used on actual betting instead of wasting time searching fixtures and statistics manually for a specified form combination of corners, cards, goals or team performances. You will get even more alerts from the same alert settings. Fixtures will be found from even more leagues worldwide so there is a more chance of an alert for your settings being found.

The Statistics Section will show even more data and make it easier to see patterns in the stats. Comparison between different league types will be easier with more leagues available to contrast.


Test strategy ideas on a larger data set and have more confidence in the results

With a larger data set, it means a greater chance of finding betting strategies that are backed up by big data from the largest possible range of leagues in the Betamin Builder. More data means more reliable research. You can have more confidence when you know a betting strategy works for 40 out of 111 leagues than 25 out of 54 leagues. If you have a strategy that works in all 111 leagues, then you have found a real chink in the bookmaker’s armour.


Reach targets faster with a higher bet volume

With some strategies, there are only a few picks found per month and it can take longer for targets to be reached. But with the same settings applied to more qualifying leagues, the bet volume can increase and betting cycles sped up, whether you are using Betlamp or the Betamin Builder.


Get a betting advantage for profit on minor leagues

Major and Minor leagues, Top Leagues and Lower Leagues, large leagues and small leagues, they all have different characteristics. Some strategies work for all, some strategies only work for certain types of leagues. In the case of the top level major leagues there is a level of consistency in the league make-up and there is a lot of publicly available information and data about those top teams and leagues. This can help create consistent betting strategies but it also means there is more data for the bookmaker model makers to perfect their models as much as possible. With lower leagues and minor leagues, there is less data, less consistency in the teams that make up the league and less media information available. This gives an advantage to those who do have the data. Lower leagues with smaller squads can behave in a different way to the top leagues with larger squads. You can now apply your gut feelings to new research with those leagues. Bookmakers may put fewer resources into their market models for these leagues and instead apply their other general market models to them. This gives more opportunity for inefficiencies in those market models to be found.


Spread risk more effectively

As we know, spreading risk reduces the effects of natural variance. Betting on matches from more leagues reduces bumpy variations in trends from one league.


Increase your edge for leagues you know well

If you have specialized knowledge of some leagues, such as the Peruvian Liga 1, Welsh Premier, Armenian Premier and so on, you can now add the data from the Statistics Section charts and tables, Betamin Builder historical odds analysis and Betlamp match finder alerts to make sure you are in the best position to take advantage of your personal knowledge and increase your edge and hopefully your ROI in the leagues you know best.


More global betting opportunities from a wider range of time zones

Many users like to place pre-match bets and to also follow their bets in-play to look for extra betting opportunities. For users who are busy when the major leagues are playing, this can mean a reduced amount of opportunities for betting. With the new expanded set of league data, this offers betting in time zones that allows an almost 24 hour window of betting in a day so that there will be opportunities available at the times that you are. The footballing day can start with Australia, Japan and Korea’s leagues, move onto Thailand, India and Kazakhstan, then next to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the UAE, before coming into the busy period of European matches, and then keep going with Costa Rican, US and Peruvian football. There will likely be data available for the matches playing when you are.


More year round betting with more summer leagues

Over the summer many people became familiar with the Belarussian Vysshaya Liga which was the only league playing at one point in 2020. Well that league and 37 other summer league’s data (Peru, Korea, Ecuador, etc.) are now available to allow for even more consistent and continuous year round strategies.


(Important Technical Note for Betamin Builder users: In the Betamin Builder, if you are following strategies that had no league filters applied to them and were betting on all of the previous 54 leagues, those will now have league filters automatically added to them so that they are following 54 out of the 111 leagues available. To make them follow all 111 leagues, you will need to duplicate them and create a new version that includes all the new leagues.)


Big Data Betting keeps getting bigger with Betaminic. Dive in and update your strategies to take advantage of this huge expansion in league coverage and have the best chances to beat the bookmaker this season.


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