Multiply your Profits with the Best Staking Plans

Betaminic’s Big Data Based Profitable Betting Systems Can Tell Us What to Bet on, But the Next Question is How Much to Bet. Which Staking Plan Should I Use? Do not miss this article to know the answers to all these questions.

A betting system tells us what to bet on.

A staking plan tells us how much to bet.

If we have the right betting system and the right staking plan, we can have high hopes for a successful betting strategy. Betaminic already has the best betting systems, researched and developed in the free to use Betamin Builder Tool, and now the question of “What is the Best Staking Plan?” has been answered by Tom Whitaker in his new book The Staking Plans Book available now on Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle.

In the book he analyses 32 staking plans and then ranks them in a fair and comparable way so that the best and worst staking plans can be found. He then combined the best parts of the top staking plans and created a new staking method even better than the others. However, just knowing the best staking plan is not enough, we also need to know the correct settings to use with those plans. Each staking plan has its own chapter that shows the best settings, a walkthrough of how to use it, a simple summary table with pros and cons listed and detailed analysis of the staking plan applied to various types of betting system. Each staking plan was tested with 7 different artificial data sets of 10,000 bets and 1 artificial data set of 60,000 bets with different odds levels. Each plan was also checked with real betting strategies taken from Betaminic. Each of those data sets were also put through 1,000 Monte Carlo Simulations to make sure the results were not just due to luck. All staking plans were ranked based on their efficiency when used with a 100 point bank. It also includes advice on when to take out profit from a system. This is probably the most thorough examination of staking plans ever undertaken.


Now, we can exclusively share the ranking of the top 6 and the correct settings for the 2nd best ranked staking plan. We also share three important key points learned from the book. This article will change your betting style forever.

The Top 6 Staking Plans Ranked

6th Best Staking Plan: i-TSM Staking

This staking plan comes from The Staking Machine software created by David Morris. It takes advantage of consistent betting systems by betting more when a system is doing worse than it has done historically and betting less when it is doing better than it has done historically. For this reason it is of interest to Betaminic Users, but it is more complicated than other staking plans. For example, you can increase stakes by 5% of base if the winning average of the last 20 bets is below the long term trend. You can vary the percentage increase and you can vary the number of bets to judge it over. You can also have staggered increases as the win rate can be judged over the last 5, 10, 20, 30 or 50 bets, and different percentage increases allotted for each period. You can also decrease stakes when above the historical win rate. There is a very wide number of setting possibilities, so research is needed, or you can see the best settings in the book.

5th Best Staking Plan: LP28 Staking

This staking plan introduces an element of recovery to percentage staking. The LP28 stands for Long Priced Series 28. It is essentially a very slow and gradual progressive recovery system. The LP28 series looks like this: 1111111111222222333344455667. An easier way to think of it is 10-6-4-3-2-2-1, which is the number of losses until an increase in stakes occurs. In theory, if you lose 28 bets in a row, it comes to the end of the series and we reset back to the start. But the correct settings are needed to know what percentage of your bank the “1” starting unit is set at, just starting by staking 1% of your bank is not efficient.

4th Best Staking Plan: Percentage Staking

Percentage Staking is easy to use and protects the bank. You bet more as your bank increases and bet less if the bank gets depleted. In The Staking Plans Book research, the old rule of thumb “bet 1% of your bank” was proved to be correct to an extent. But by staking different percentages depending on the average odds of your betting system, even better results can be achieved. Again, the correct settings are needed.

3rd Best Staking Plan: Target Profit Staking

This method focuses on the output, not the input. The stake is adjusted so that a target profit is achieved. i.e. You win the same profit each time whatever the odds are. If there are big odds, you bet less to win the same as betting a large stake on lower odds. Target Profit Staking’s key point is that it varies its stake according to the odds, which means it is risk sensitive. Betting more on safer bets and less on riskier bets. This uses betting capital more efficiently.

2nd Best Staking Plan: Secure Staking

Secure Staking uses different percentages for different odds bands. Since it is odds sensitive, the betting capital is used efficiently. It is simple to use and protects the bank due to its percentage staking aspect. The important part is knowing the correct settings, which we can share below in this article.

1st The Best Staking Plan: Whitaker Staking

Whitaker Staking takes the best aspects of Secure Staking, Target Profit Staking and Percentage Staking to create the most capital efficient staking plan ever made. It is much simpler to use than Kelly, LP28, i-TSM or other more advanced staking plans. You don’t need to know your betting history, average odds or even keep records. You just stake according to the odds of your next bet as a proportion of your current betting bank. By staking different amounts depending on the odds band, the betting capital is used in the best way.  This new staking plan is being added to the The Staking Machine software as an addition to the Secure Staking plan settings, so you can test betting strategies by running the historical data through the program. For a more detailed explanation and the correct settings, please see the book.

Three Important Key Points Learned From the Book

 1 Adjust Stakes to Odds

It is important to adjust the stake size to match the risk of bets. It is inefficient to use one blanket staking rule for all odds, such as the common rule of thumb “bet 1% of your bank and never bet more than 5%”. It is much more efficient to use a staking plan that varies the size of stakes in direct relation to the odds of the bet (Whitaker Staking and Secure Staking), or to use different staking plans for different odds brackets to indirectly vary the size of stakes in relation to the odds. In the very simplest terms, bet more on lower odds and bet less on higher odds.

2 Don’t Increase Stakes to Chase Losses

Avoid simple recovery plans that increase stakes in direct connection to previous lost bets in a simple progressive recovery plan. (See our article: Martingale, Fibonacci and other staking plans you should not use.) That kind of stake focussed recovery betting ends up being less efficient as the initial stake levels are pushed lower to avoid bankruptcy later on, so the overall profit will be lower than with other non-recovery staking plans. Also, don’t use ratchet staking as this is recovery by another name and you can end up placing larger stakes than is safe for your bank size after a run of losses.

 3 Lower Odds Systems are Easier

Betting systems with higher average odds are harder to multiply profits with staking plans than with lower average odds betting systems. Any betting system that has a low win rate, waiting for high odds winners (over odds of 7.00) is going to be much harder to make efficient use of the betting bank than lower odds systems. Given that the Longshot-Favorite Bias has been proved in a previous article and there is a lower bookmaker margin to be overcome, lower odds football systems are the best way forward rather than higher odds longshot horse racing tips or other high odds systems.

Secure Staking: The Correct Settings

It is good to know the 2nd best staking plan, it is even better to know the correct settings to use with that staking plan. Secure staking is a non-recovery, odds sensitive staking plan that ticks both of the boxes from two of the key points mentioned just above. To use the Secure Staking plan is simple. If your bet has odds in the range of 1.01 to 1.49, then you can bet 15% of your bank on that bet. Some people say that you should never bet more than 5% of your bank on one bet, and if that is your red line, then don’t go over that. But these settings were created from 1,000 Monte Carlo Simulations using both artificial data sets of 10,000 bets and also real betting systems to test what settings get the most efficiency out of a betting bank without increasing the risks of bankruptcy. If your bet has odds of 1.50 to 1.99 then bet 5% of your bank, if your bet has odds of 2.00 to 2.49 then bet 4% of your bank, and so on. It is very simple to use. As you can see, the higher the odds go, the smaller the stake size gets. The higher the risk is, the lower the liability.


Secure Staking

Odds Bracket Settings
1.01 – 1.49 Bet 15% of Bank
1.50 – 1.99 Bet 5% of Bank
2.00 – 2.49 Bet 4% of Bank
2.50 – 4.49 Bet 2% of Bank
4.50+ Bet 0.5% of Bank


Please note that these above settings are for 1-by-1 betting, i.e. the next stake is calculated based on the current betting bank balance after the previous bet has been settled. If you are betting on multiple matches at the same time (Simultaneous Betting), then the settings need to be reduced and a Daily Percentage used, i.e. a percentage of the betting bank at the start of the day.

Secure Staking

(Simultaneous Betting)

Odds Bracket Settings
1.01 – 1.49 Bet 5% of Bank
1.50 – 1.99 Bet 2.5% of Bank
2.00 – 2.49 Bet 2% of Bank
2.50 – 4.49 Bet 1% of Bank
4.50+ Bet 0.25% of Bank


What does this mean for Betaminic users? Staking plans help magnify the level stakes profits of Betaminic strategies so that users can maximise their returns.

Lower average odds betting systems have their profits increased the most by staking plans. So Pro-home by Luisbang or Colossus 3 Free Scoring Favourites are ideal strategies to use with Secure Staking. What effects do the staking plans have on other Betaminic strategies?

 Positive Effects of Staking Plans on Real Betting Systems from Betaminic

wdt_ID Real Strategies Betaminic Av. Odds Basic Staking Profit Secure Staking Profit Change Whitaker Staking Profit Change Other Staking Plans Change
1 Colossus 3 Free Scoring Favourites 1.32 110 1,861 1,692.00 1,891 1,719 1,925 1,750
2 Pro-home Luisbang 1.36 132 1,803 1,366.00 1,826 1,383 1,867 1,414
3 Betting on favorite with low odds 1.48 156 1,144 733.00 1,145 733 1,502 963
4 Pro1 Away Day Blues 1.84 144 425 295.00 612 425 466 324
5 Colossus 5 Against the Trend Overs 1.99 191 865 453.00 932 488 387 203
6 Over 2.5 Total Share 2.06 246 1,071 435.00 1,214 493 1,265 514
7 Betaminic Over 2.5 Against the Trend 2.28 142 730 514.00 797 561 768 541
8 Betaminic Mix6 (6 Systems Mixed) 2.79 803 5,475 682.00 5,881 732 2,928 365
9 Colossus 6 Scoring Away Overs 3.04 268 1,446 540.00 1,484 554 536 200
10 Pro7 Bore Draw V2 3.21 399 953 239.00 1,066 267 776 194
11 Colossus 19 No Favorite Unders Draw 3.22 482 865 179.00 1,151 239 1,004 208
12 Colossus 17 Dog Draw 3.24 598 1,257 210.00 1,355 227 1,244 208
13 Bonus Strategy 6 Aways 3.29 163 274 168.00 358 220 337 207
14 Bonus Strategy 5 Draws 3.53 382 841 220.00 920 241 799 209
15 Colossus 10 Away Dog Draw 3.83 209 452 216.00 452 216 450 215
16 Pro5 Undefeated Home Dog 4.11 340 515 151.00 645 190 596 175
17 Pro8 Underestimate Underdog V2 5.20 136 305 224.00 395 290 394 290

This table shows the effects of Secure Staking, Whitaker Staking and the next best recommended staking plans for that type of betting system in comparison to simple level stakes betting (blue column). Most of the other recommended staking plans are more complicated to use than either Secure or Whitaker Staking but in 4 instances could produce more profit. For example, the first betting system on the list is “Colossus 3 Free Scoring Favourites” which is available from Betaminic. The bets placed have average odds of 1.32 and over 6 years it has made 110 points profit on simple level stakes (betting 1 point on each bet), but with Secure Staking the profits are increased 1,692% to 1,861 points in 6 years. And Whitaker Staking does even better; (correct settings explained in The Staking Plans Book) the profits are increased 1,719% to 1,891 points for 6 years. This is done without increasing the risks of bankruptcy.

The results speak for themselves. Whitaker Staking is a definite improvement on Secure Staking 100% of the time and beats the Other Recommended Staking plans 75% of the time. Considering the complexity and effort required for some of the Recommended Staking plans (i-TSM and LP28), Whitaker Staking can be said to be the best staking plan. It is interesting to note that Secure Staking beats the Other Recommended Staking Plans 8 out of 20 times. The most important column is highlighted in yellow, the improvement in profit from simple 1 point staking from using Whitaker Staking ranges from 147% to 1719%.

Using the right staking plan can squeeze more profit out of working betting systems and enable you to use your betting capital much more efficiently. Secure Staking is the 2nd Best available staking plan and you now know the correct settings to use with it. This gives a real chance to make even more out of Betaminic’s strategies.

Betaminic Betting Strategies + The Best Staking Plans = The Best Betting Systems



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