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Detail of the strategy

What follows is the strategy tested with the highest number of bets so far. That, besides the good results regarding profit and yield, make it one of the most solid strategies we have ever developed. Bet on the draw is not a very common choice, and we want to show you a profitable system which you can take advantage.

Check the details of the stunning results below!

Summary of the results

Total BetsBets WonBets LostAv. OddsNet Profit!!!Yield!!!

Description of the Strategy

Most of the systems are designed to find value on the favourite or underdog teams, but not on the draw. Besides, it’s not easy to see many punters who specialise in this market, because there has been a tendency to think that the value is usually found in the home or away team odds.

A few months ago we published a study called “Last 3 games without Draw”, and after making significant changes and improvements, a new strategy has been created with outstanding results.

The underlying analysis of this research has three main factors:

  1. We look for games where the draw odds are within the normal range. Football matches with a clear favourite team are discarded because the general results get worse.
  2. The selection of the leagues is also a key factor for the strategy. We chose the leagues with the best ratio of draws during the last years.
  3. The combination of the two previous points leads us to an essential requirement for the success of the strategy. Games selected must include teams with no draws over the last three games. We expect the bookies set the odds a bit higher than normal, the small impact of this rise will be decisive for the overall profit.

Due to the conditions required for the selection of the games, the system will produce a  considerable number of bets. We expect at least one draw in three games to keep the excellent results obtained.

What we would like to say is that the development of this strategy has led many hours of work and study, like the rest of the strategies. To build a system to bet on the draw it is not an easy task, but after analysing thousands of data, a profitable system has been created with stunning results.

For this strategy, we are using opening odds to select the matches and closing odds to calculate the P/L  mainly for two main reasons.  On the one hand, you will receive the picks of the strategy well in advance because the opening odds are known beforehand. And, on the other hand, the P/L of the system is based on closing odds to allow the figures to be as realistic as possible. Nevertheless, the final results of the strategy do not differ in any great if we take the opening odds to estimate the profit and loss.

Minimum suggested odds

We will send the picks by email with “minimum suggested odds”, that means you will have a reference point to place your bets. The calculations are performed to obtain a theoretical yield of 5% betting on the minimum odds, always based on past data. It means that if you had always bet using the min odds, you would have achieved a 5% yield with historical data of the strategy. However, we continually advise opening accounts with different bookmakers to choose the highest odds available.

Strategy Results by year

Here you can see a breakdown of the results by year.

YearBetsNet ProfitYield

The table shows that the strategy has consistent results over the period.  As you can see, the system generates a large number of picks every season and over the months (you can check below in the detail of the football games), due to the leagues selected. There have been years with a higher yield than others, but it generally remains constant.

System Parameters

These are the filters or conditions used for this system:

  • Leagues. We have tested this strategy with 32 leagues.
  • Odds. Odds are taken from Pinnacle Sports, opening odds to select the games and closing odds to calculate the P/L.
  • Seasons. From season 2012/2013 to the current one 2016/2017.
  • Date range. From March 2012 to February 2017.
  • P/L Calculation method. To bet one unit on the Draw, when the conditions are fulfilled.
  • Home Team conditions. More than two games with no Draws overall (home & away).
  • Away Team conditions. More than two games with no Draws overall (home & away).
  • Odds for Draw. Opening odds must be included in the interval 3.20 – 3.56.
  • The Trigger of the system. If those conditions are fulfilled, the system places a Draw bet on the fourth match.
  • Yield. The Yield obtained in the system: 16% after 2647 bets matched in the strategy.
Yield %: Net Profit or Loss / Total Stake * 100%

Win/Lost Bets Ratio

For this betting system, we obtain a 34% ratio of winning bets. If the system can maintain that winning bets ratio, it will make a profit in the long term.

Total betsRatio
Bets Won90134%
Bets Lost174666%

The past results show that one in three bets are won, and as the interval odds is above 3.00, that’s the key to the success of the system. If you decide to follow this strategy, please remember that you have the final say to place a particular bet.

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Table #1. Analysis of the results by League

** Please note that the table only shows 10 results by default, you can change that in the “show entries” box to display all results.

Strategy Backing the Draw - League Analysis -

The system obtains a positive result, a 16% yield after 2647 bets during five years. As you can check, the system is profitable for most of the football leagues tested. This strategy triggers a high number of picks all the months, even during the summer.

As we stated on previous occasions, all the strategies need to be continuously reviewed and analysed in depth from time to time to ensure all the parameters continue working as expected.

You can display the chart of the leagues:


Table #2. Analysis of the results by Odds range

Strategy Backing the Draw - Odds range -

If we analyse the results by odds range, you can check that the profit is divided almost equally for each interval. The odds selected are chosen to achieve the best results, we could extend the odds range, but the number of bets generated by the system is already large enough, and besides the yield would be lower.

In this chart, you can see the distribution of the profit per odds interval.


Table #3. Detail of the football games included in the strategy 

Here you can find the detail of all the past football games that fulfil with the filters and conditions of the betting system.

All the matches and results are the outcome of the strategy previously explained in a transparent manner. Errors and omissions excepted, these are the past games that comply with the requirements of the strategy.

Football Matches included in the Backing the Draw Strategy

This chart shows the progress of the results by date.

As you can see, the profits increase in a steady way over the years. There are months where the results were very flat, although that’s a very common thing to find in the long term. We want to emphasise the importance of the drawdown when analysing a strategy in a comprehensive manner.


Why is the drawdown so important?

When you start designing a new strategy, one of the key factors of a risk assessment is the maximum drawdown of the system. If you develop a strategy making a profit overall, it’s vital to calculate its max drawdown. It will help you to estimate the risk you are willing to assume. It is so important the maximum amount of loss as well as the length of that period.

The study of the maximum drawdown has to be compared with the total profit of the strategy to establish the risk of the system. If you calculate the amount and duration of the worst losses of the past results, you will be able to identify at any moment whether the behaviour of the strategy is indeed withing the normal limits. That will help you to control your emotional situation for losses streaks.

We are going to calculate the maximum drawdowns for this strategy.

Estimated level of risk: UPPER-MEDIUM.

YearMax DDFromToLength
2012-22.2404.08.1205.09.1232 days
2013-18.4728.04.1329.05.1331 days
2014-23.3322.03.1412.04.1421 days
2015-17.7328.10.1523.11.1526 days
2016-14.7602.01.1613.02.1642 days
MAX DD-26.0404.12.1513.02.1671 days


For this strategy, the Approx. P-value = 0.0001, wich means we have very strong evidence that the results for this systems are not a matter of only luck.

For those who might be unfamiliar with the p-value concept, here you can find a brief explanation: The P-value, or calculated probability, is the probability of finding the observed, or more extreme, results when the null hypothesis (H0) of a study question is true – the definition of ‘extreme’ depends on how the hypothesis is being tested. P is also described in terms of rejecting H0 when it is actually true, however, it is not a direct probability of this state.

P > 0.10
No evidence against the null hypothesis. The data appear to be consistent with the null hypothesis.
0.05 < P < 0.10Weak evidence against the null hypothesis in favour of the alternative.
0.01 < P < 0.05
Moderate evidence against the null hypothesis in favour of the alternative.
0.001 < P < 0.01
Strong evidence against the null hypothesis in favour of the
P < 0.001
Very strong evidence against the null hypothesis in favour of the alternative.


If we look at the past results, the strategy makes high profits with low risk, that’s the perfect combination for any system you want to build. As we repeated hundreds of times, this kind of strategies are studied with historical data; nobody can be sure this system will continue making profits in the future.

Another plus point is the large number of picks triggered by the system keeping the yield, which means this strategy seems to be very reliable.

The maximum drawdown is small compared to the general results, so the system didn’t suffer long negative streaks to face.

The results obtained prove that the strategy remains stable for years, without significant drawdowns and also many leagues are perfectly matched with the conditions established.

The study is based on Pinnacle odds, but there is not very much difference between Pinnacle and other bookmakers, such as Bet365 for draw odds, that means this strategy has a similar yield using other bookies.

We think this system can be very profitable in the long term, but as you already know, cycles can change, and past results do not guarantee future performances. This strategy, like of all them, will be reviewed periodically to make small enhancements to improve the end result.

We remind you that all the picks of this strategy will have “minimum suggested odds”, so it will be more convenient for you to have a reference price for your bet.

As we usually advise, we recommend you not to pull all your eggs in one basket. You will have more chances to success in the long term if you can combine some systems within your personal strategy. We are here to help you, publishing more studies of this nature.

As we said before, if you want to propose a particular betting system to be analysed, please send us an email to [email protected] or using our contact form, we will be glad to help you.


Comments 32


November 21, 2017

Ok, I understand that this system has to be reliable in long term, at least there are big chances to be profitable in long term. Although the p-value looks very promising, still I need to ask where is the logical mechanism behind this strategy? I mean why after no draw result in the last 3 matches for the home team and also the same situation for the away team, the draw bet must have value?

For example: let’s say both managers bent for a draw result, because both teams need 1 point in order not to push very hard in that match, not to lose stamina for future matches and settle for the draw. (It is only an example, of course this argument can not be taken very seriously into consideration)

Just saying it will be very interesting that users must write some words about the logic behind any strategy.

Betaminic Admin

November 21, 2017

Hi Marcu,

Thank for your comments. The first thing we do when creating a strategy is to have a clear idea of what we want to test to check if that strategy has been profitable or not with historical data. In the case of the draw strategy we look for the fourth game of both teams without a draw, that the bookies set draw odds with value, that is, the price is a bit above its normal price. Apart from this possible value, what is intended is to look for patterns that have been repeated during the study period. All this together with the analysis of the p-value and other factors what they do is to assess if that strategy has been the result of the luck factor.

I agree with you that when you create strategies with purely statistical data, there are individual matches that external factors or decisions of the coaches are not taken into account. But when analyzing strategies with thousands of data, we look for trends or patterns that have been working, independently of those isolated facts. The advantage of making strategies based on statistics is that you have something tangible to know if an idea has worked in the past. But as you well know, and we usually repeat past results, they do not guarantee future returns. The strategies, in general, have to be revised every certain period of time because of the leagues, teams change. And something that has worked for a while may stop working, nothing lasts forever.

Finally, regarding the possibility of incorporating a text to the strategy so that each user can write down the logic behind it, we think it’s a good idea. We will try to implement it later.

Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions. If you can think of any improvement, please let us know.

Kind regards,


Matt Chantrey

February 22, 2018

This looks very interesting and a very honest write up, yes the system is not guaranteed to last forever, but it looks very solid. I will add a betting strategy into this system, I pt on the first 36 selections, we are are looking for 11-12 winners to make a profit, should that fail, put 2 pts on the next 36 selections, and if that fails, then 3pts on the next 36 and so on, eventually a hot run will reap the rewards of this system.

Betaminic Admin

February 22, 2018

Hi Matt,
Thanks a lot for your comments, we appreciate it. Regarding the bank management you propose to apply for the strategy, we don’t recommend it at all. Neither for this particular strategy nor for another system. That method is called Martingale, and the normal thing is that you end up with your bank to zero. It’s not so strange that there are many games without a draw. Think that if it happens only once, it’s enough for your bank to reach zero. We recommend that you apply a fixed stake to each bet and that you increase it as you have profits, or apply a fixed percentage of your capital.
It is what we advise you; but, it’s your decision.
Kind regards,


July 27, 2018

I’m interested to know – what was the longest drawdown period you had? Meaning, the longest period of games with no draw result.

Betaminic Admin

July 27, 2018

Hi Charls,

The longest period of games with no draws is 13 games in a row, from 21.06.15 to 28.06.15, During that period there was no draw for 13 consecutive games.

Kind regards

Daz Slater

April 28, 2019


Is this draw strategy still proving profitable?

Javier Paniagua

April 28, 2019

Hi Daz,

Thanks for your interest in the strategy. This strategy continues with positive results since it was created. You can check the results obtained since it was shared on our website, on the public strategies page (Follow-up results) under the name “Backing the Draw / Apostando al Empate”.

Best regards,

Daz Slater

April 28, 2019

Brilliant, thanks Javier!


September 14, 2021

Hi.. Which staking strategy you recommend?

Javier Paniagua

September 14, 2021

Hi Dusan,

It depends on the type of bettor you are, whether you prefer to take more or less risk, the size of your bankroll and so on. There are many factors that go into deciding on a staking plan. My recommendation is that you try this strategy or any other strategy you want on The Staking Machine tool. It will help you decide on the best staking plan, and in the long run you will improve your profits a lot.

In this article you can find the necessary information about TSM:


November 24, 2019

Hello, following your analysis. Did you consider lower leagues around the world like in Asia and Europe, if yes what were the results from backing the draws?
Can we statistical say matches with draw odds range of 3.20- 3.50 are likely to end in under 2.5 ?

Javier Paniagua

November 25, 2019

Hi Phillip,

We do not use lower leagues for these studies due to the low liquidity they have, and it is more difficult for users to follow.
Regarding your question, there is not more probability that within this range of odds the game ends under 2.5 goals. However, the combination of the odds, leagues and conditions set in the strategy, convert them into value odds, making the strategy profitable during this period of time. That is to say, the picks generated by the strategy at these odds, it makes it profitable to bet in the long term.


November 26, 2019

Hello, what staking plan do you advise based on the average odds of draws which is 3.39 from your analysis?
I came across a staking plan where we increase the bet 1.5x after a loss till a win, and then go back to our initial stake after a win. Would you advise this? If yes, can we cover the maximum drawdown with such a staking plan if say we experience a losing streak of say 13 matches and with huge bankroll. The profit potential is quite huge compared to level stakes and progressive betting, the only disadvantage is the size of our bankroll. You can run your analysis and tell me what you think.
What’s the longest losing streak experienced and when you say a clear favorite, are you referring to games where there’s huge gap between the favorite and the underdog?

Javier Paniagua

November 28, 2019

Hi Phillip,

The staking plan you propose is a Martingale style, which we do not recommend, since in the long term it will take you to ruin your bank. It only has to happen one time a bad run of x matches so that your bank has disappeared.
I suggest you read the following article to choose a suitable management method:

Regarding clear favorite, is when the odds of the favorite team are very low, perhaps 1.50 or less, approximately.


November 28, 2019

Does the odd intervals (3.20-3.56) given applies to only pinnacle sports or can be used on other bookmakers to check the odds for the draw ?
On average how many games can be picked in a day?
What’s the reason why the matches picked must fall under this particular odd range?

Javier Paniagua

November 29, 2019

The odds range 3.20-3.56 is based on the Pinnacle opening odds, it is as a condition of the strategy, but then minimum odds to bet are sent with the pick information, so you can use any bookie to place the bets.
The strategy sends approximately 42 picks per month, then it depends on the matches that are available every day.
The reason why the strategy is created with that range of odds is because that range, together with the rest of the conditions of the strategy, have become winning patterns throughout this time. Of course, and as we always say, past returns do not guarantee future returns, as markets can change or even bookies correct those deficiencies.


November 30, 2019

Apart from the given conditions for this strategy are there still any other factors that were considered ?
On average can there be up to 7-9 picks on any given day?
From your reply, the above odd intervals still applies to other bookies right?

Javier Paniagua

December 2, 2019

Each strategy has its different filters, and they only apply to that strategy as such.
The number of monthly picks is an estimate based on the historical number of picks sent. Then it depends on the number of games per day, and usually on weekends, there are usually more picks.
The odds intervals are based on the opening odds to select the matches, but the pick is sent with suggested minimum odds, so it applies to any bookie. The more accounts you have, the better, to select the highest odds available.


December 4, 2019

From your analysis, would it be advisable to use this strategy for lower leagues ?
How best can the strategy be filtered further to make selections of matches for a draw, did you consider the statistics of leagues with higher percentage of draws before choosing the matches ?
Is there any difference in the results if we use the opening odds for our selection or the closing odds?
When you say opening odds, do you refer to odds of the games early in the day ?

Javier Paniagua

December 4, 2019

1) I do not recommend using this strategy, in general any strategy for lower leagues, since in the long term they are less reliable, because the odds are easier to manipulate than bigger leagues, and also because of the lack of liquidity that you are going to find.
2) Yes, when the strategy was created, the statistics of each league were taken into account, not only for the percentage of draws but also looking for the most profitable based on their results.
3) In the long term, and after analyzing the results of thousands of strategies, we have concluded that the results are very similar betting on opening or closing odds. In this article we explain it in more detail:

4) The filters of the strategies are based on the opening odds, that is, the first odds that the bookie launches, in our case Pinnacle Sports.


December 4, 2019

Nice work Javier!! I just a simple clarification. When you say last 3 games (home & away) without a draw. Do you refer to the team’s last 3 home games and no draw also it’s last 3 away games and no draw ? Or
The teams last 3 matches whether home or away without a draw ? Could you please explain.

Javier Paniagua

December 5, 2019

Thanks George, the strategy seeks the teams without a draw in the last 3 overall matches, that is, at home or away, or what is the same and easier to understand, the last 3 games played by a team.


December 6, 2019

Good evening, Javier! I have two questions:

1) Because the strategy seeks the teams without a draw in the last 3 overall matches… does that mean that you start counting from Round 4 (Jornada 4) of each league, so that we don’t start counting the last matches of the previous season?

2) I know the strategy was more or less flat for the year 2018 (+3 positive units) but what are the numbers for 2019?

Thank you very much, Javi!

Javier Paniagua

December 9, 2019

1) Yes, it starts counting from day (round) 4.
2)2019 has also been a flat year. It usually occurs in some strategies that sometimes have years with few losses or few profits, although the long-term strategy still has good results.


December 30, 2019

Hello, Javi!
I have created a soccer strategy for the last 15 years and I would like to know your opinion.

Number of bets: 478 (about 32 bets per year)
Net profit: +38.15 units
Average odds: 1.43 (highest odd being 1.82)
Yield: 8%
p-value: 0.003

Is it worth sharing this strategy? Thank you in advance!


July 18, 2020

Hi are the three games without a draw all league games or do cup games count?

Javier Paniagua

July 18, 2020

Hi Gray,

The games are only of the leagues, other competitions are not taken into account



July 19, 2020

Hi Javier
If you extended the to say 3.65 or 3.7 how do you know the yield would lower, do you think you could use England leagues 1 and 2 decent liquidity and decent amount of draws, better than the Dutch leagues I think anyway?

Javier Paniagua

July 20, 2020

Hi Gray,

I recommend that you create the strategy in the Betamin Builder tool, and try different filters, this way you can improve the strategy or test the different options to see if it is profitable or not.


May 8, 2021

Hi.. Are you planning to make new research about backing draws? Regards

Javier Paniagua

May 9, 2021

Hi Dusan,

Thank you for your proposal. Yes, we are planning to do new studies about draws, we hope to have them ready soon.