25 Most Profitable Teams to bet on in 2023

In the world of sports betting, it is always useful to have up-to-date and relevant information to make the best decisions. Therefore, in this article we present the 25 most profitable football teams to bet on, based on data from past seasons. While the results may be interesting and informative, it is important to note that they should not be taken as a definitive betting strategy, but as one element to take into account in a more solid strategy with multiple factors in consideration. In the article you will find several tables and graphs with information on the profits that would have been made by betting on different types of bets, such as betting on the home or away team, both teams, or betting on the total number of goals scored. We hope you find this information useful and that it will help you improve your sports betting decisions!


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Here you will find a brief explanation of the elements shown in the tables.

  • Data source. All data used in the report comes from historical odds data used in the Betamin Builder sports strategy tool.
  • Date range. From January 2016 to April 2023.
  • Conditions for the tables. We have included only those teams that have played at least 100 matches, in order to have a reliable sample.
  • Football Leagues. The 54 most important football leagues have been selected. You can find the details of the leagues included in the table below.


  • Calculation for Profit. Calculated as the result of betting one unit, using Pinnacle Sports pre-match odds.
  • Yield. It is calculated by dividing the profit by the total number of bets placed.


Results 25 Most Profitable Football Teams

25 Most Profitable Teams – Played at home –

The strategy of betting on the home team is one of the most popular in the world of sports betting, and can be very effective if you choose the right team to put your faith in. According to our data, the three most profitable teams to bet one unit on their home win are Plymouth of England, Granada CF of Spain and Union Berlin of Germany.

In first place, we have Plymouth from England, which tops the list with a return of 31%. This team has made a profit of 50.62 units on 166 bets placed, which means that it has been a safe bet throughout all the years studied. In other words, betting one unit on Plymouth’s home win would have made a consistent profit.

In second place, we find Granada CF of Spain, which has made a profit of 46.42 units and a return of 33% on 142 bets placed. This team has been a winning bet in all years, except in 2022, where it made a slight loss.

Finally, in third place is Union Berlin from Germany, with a return of 37% and a profit of 45.92 units on 123 bets placed. This team has made a profit in all 8 years of the study, making it a very interesting option to bet on their home win.

It is important to note that while these three teams have proven to be profitable in the past, they do not guarantee success in the future. Therefore, it is critical to consider multiple factors when making a betting decision and not rely solely on the past profitability of one team.

25 Most Profitable Teams – Played away –

Betting on the away team can be a risky strategy, but it can also be very profitable if chosen correctly. In this case, we have analysed data from the world’s top 54 football leagues and identified the three most profitable teams to bet one unit on their away win: Avai of Brazil, Cadiz CF of Spain and Akhmat Grozny of Russia.

In first place, we have Avai from Brazil, which tops the list with a profitability of 39%. This team has made a profit of 52.87 units on 134 bets placed, although it is worth noting that there have been two years with losses and that half of the profit is concentrated in 2017. This suggests that, while it has been a profitable bet in the past, it may not be the strongest option for long term betting.

In second place, we find Cadiz CF of Spain, which has also made a return of 39% and a profit of 52.77 units on 136 bets placed. Like Avai, this team has had two losing years, suggesting that past profitability may not be a guarantee of future success.

Finally, in third place, is Akhmat Grozny of Russia, with an impressive 47% return and a profit of 48.75 units on 104 bets placed. This team has made a profit in almost every year, except in 2016 with slight losses, which makes them a very interesting option to bet on their away win.

It is important to note that the fact that these three teams have been profitable in the past does not guarantee that they will be profitable in the future. Therefore, one should not rely solely on past profitability when making a betting decision. It is crucial to consider multiple factors in order to have a sound betting strategy. Overall, though, it is worth noting that all 25 teams analysed have achieved returns in excess of 25%. This suggests that there are interesting opportunities for bettors who perform rigorous and careful analysis. In summary, past profitability is only one part of the equation and should not be the only factor in making betting decisions.

25 Most Profitable Teams – overall (at home and away) –

At the top of the table are Nice, Plymouth and Burnley, with most months in the black. If we add up the data for these three teams, we get a return of 22% after 883 bets. This indicates that, although the profitability decreases when taking into account home and away games, it is data to consider for possible future strategies.

25 Most Profitable Teams – Over 2.5 goals –

25 Most Profitable Teams – Under 2.5 goals –

In general, for this type of market the returns are lower if we always bet on the same football teams. This is understandable, as it does not depend solely on the performance of one team, and the opposing team may have worse scoring statistics. Also, no team seems to be consistent in results over the years, we did not find any team that has been profitable every year. However, as noted above, these are past statistics, and do not generate a reliable long-term pattern.

Therefore, instead of betting on a specific team, with all the risks that this entails, we advise you to create your own strategies or follow those shared by the users of our community, using the Betamin Builder tool.

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Discipline and a good staking plan

One of the main factors for success in the world of betting is to have a plan for it. Most people want to see results from day one, and unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. You have to think long term. There are a lot of punters who abandon the strategies too soon, hit a bad streak and don’t believe in the system anymore. Or the worst thing is that they don’t have a defined betting plan, and they bet big amounts when they have losses to try to recover as soon as possible. In this article you can find all the information you need to manage your bankroll in the best possible way.

Of course, you also need to monitor your portfolio of strategies, and know when to stop following a strategy by setting a stop-loss. It is essential to protect your bank to avoid bankruptcy.

If you follow all these tips, you are more likely to make a profit in the long run. Remember, though, that past profits do not guarantee future returns, and that gambling itself carries a number of risks.


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