Have you ever thought what the most profitable teams to bet on are? If that’s the case, then we are convinced you will enjoy this report. We will display the net profit to bet one unit stake on every team without any filter or condition. We will show the results analysed separately in three different tables. The first table will display the best teams at home, the second one, best teams away and the third one, best teams overall.

Here you will find a brief explanation of the items shown on the tables.

  • Data Source. All data used for the report come from football data website.
  • Date Range. From July 2008 to September 2016.
  • Table conditions. We have included only teams with at least 100 games played at home or away, and 200  games played overall.
  • Football Leagues. We have selected twenty main leagues. If you want to see the DIV notes, please click below. 
  • Explanation of DIV. In case you see more that one football league in DIV column, it means the particular team has played in different divisions. That happened when the team promoted or relegated to another category.
  • Calculation of P/L. We have estimated the P/L betting one unit using pre-match Bet365 odds. It represents net profit and loss.
  • Yield. Yield is a measure of betting tips efficiency.
Yield %: Net Profit or Loss /Total Stake * 100 %

In case you need additional help with the usage of the tables and charts, please read the Tables Quick Guide to resolve your questions.

25 Best Home Teams to bet on – from 2008 to 2016 –

25 Most Profitable Teams - At home -

These are the results of the most profitable teams to bet on when they play at home. The king of this list is Levante, most of the record come from matches played at Spanish Premier Division (La Liga). Levante is a team with a very small budget compared with the giant teams of the Spanish league, such as Real Madrid and Barcelona. The table shows the net profit to bet one unit stake to the particular team, i.e., if you had placed £10 bet in every football game of Levante, you would have made a £577.30 profit.

As you can see in the report, betting on a small team as Levante can give us a high return in our bets. Of course, the most difficult part here is to guess that Levante team or any other from the list would have provided high profits. These are past results, and we cannot recommend betting on the same single team as a rule.

25 Best Away Teams to bet on – from 2008 to 2016 –

25 Most Profitable Teams - Away -

If we analyse the Away team results, we find a similar case than Levante. Here, the Top Team is Dumbarton; it has made a consistent profit in every league played, Scotland League two, League one and finally the Championship. It’s in the Championship when it obtained the highest yield. Again, betting on a small team can give us good profits. 30% Yield is a huge return, but keep in mind that these are past dividends. No one can assure that betting on the teams from the list, you will obtain same results, it’s not so easy.

25 Best Overall Teams to bet on – from 2008 to 2016 –

25 Most Profitable Teams - Overall -

Now, we take a look at the table showing the best teams when teams played at home and away. As you can check, Dumbarton is on the top of the list again, but this time, the yield reduced from 32% to 21%. Dumbarton at home has made profits too, but it cannot keep the high yield than before, decreasing 11%. If you see the list, one of the first conclusion to draw is that yield is lower compared to the other lists. Most likely, this is because it’s tough that the same team make steady profits playing home and away.

We believe that the outcome of these tables can be very useful to set some filter in strategies but always treated as general information, not as a fixed rule to bet on.

We will continue publishing new interesting reports, and hope you find them useful.